~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


Mighty cannon



i would like to see legendary torso and leg legends max not mythical

torso: anubis,ronin,typhoon,redeemer

leg: burning boots,power bottoms ,dynamic stompers


It has been pinned in the past and is a frequently used thread. Therefore i dont think it needs a pin at this time :slight_smile:


For me it has been one of the most useful threads after update. I consult it very often and it has saved me a lot of time every time I want to make or reform a build.

Unfortunately, sometimes I have to look for it, because it´s lost between so many topics.


Why not saving it as a bookmark? There’s a button under every post, just save 1st post as a bookmark and it will be reachable everytime you’ll need it!


Done… thank u



This is revolutionary, but if u have the time can you put the base rarity (lowest rarity) of an item, so player know how to obtain the weapons and how easy it is (premium etc.).

I’ve mainly used:
To find this out.


I thought ofnincluding that. Maybe just (L) for when t is legendary+ to keep formatting as uncluttered as possible. I’ll use a legend at the top to clarify.


I’ve added (L) beside everything I think is Legendary, please submit any corrections. I chose (L) because ideally everything always fits on one line for easy reading/formatting. I know it doesn’t work as nicely on phone as on a larger screen but it’s the best I can do at the moment with the forum tools and forum formatting and still keeping it in-house editing and searchable.

Is Abomination Legendary+? I can’t recall.


Yes, abomination is premium


Here are the wrong Premium or not, will switch them pretty soon ^^




Hope everyone is good with the new title. Given the thread is not stickied I thought this would be easier for people to find.

I did not think “new” or “pre-nerf” was applicable to the post any longer or needed in the title.


New items grave digger

who can maxed up first
not me


not me.
remember i was first who legend vandal… but not grave diggers (gd)… r.i.p. fuel >:O


Grave digger

Devs: New item!
Players: YAAAAAAAAY!!!
Devs: it is a new physical leg
Physicals player: yaaaay finally a physical item, what’s the stats
Devs: It is the leg with highest dmg in game
Physical players: YAAAAAAAAAAAY!
Devs: But it is the leg with lowest HP
Physical players: WAT?
Heat&energy player: YAAAAAAAAAAAY!
Devs: it knockback 2 range
Physical player: RIP annihilation
Energy players: AHAHAAHAHAHAH
Devs: But the item drop low and pass all the mission impossible. Get out your tokens.
Players: …


As I stated yesterday too…
Will they ever run out of ways to mess us up as physical users??


devs: But the item drop low and pass all the mission impossible. Get out your tokens.


Actualy it can be done with a 2 magmablast, 2 CLs(or even better 1 CL and 1 Savagery), and 6 epic plates(even better if they are myth ones) and 2 energy engines, with Zak torso, and iron boots, and the premium account that gives 20% more health.
You would get around 3000 hp.
But you need to be lucky, to land atleast 1 repair kit…if not… couch up 10 tokens for revive.


You are wrong AND you are totally off topic :exclamation: