~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


Legacy times=> Stats shown

Since Reloaded to something like a month ago=> Stats not shown

Since that time=> Stats shown


Armor annihilator


you have a in-game guide?..how?


Didn’t you reply in this?


But in this replay apparently it dealt 806 damage with 0 res.

Am I just dumb and missed an update?

Whilst I do have one of my own it’s not maxed so I want someone with a max myth one to post an image of its stats.


I maxed it - the stats are written correct. Don’t know what’s happening there.


Probably just broken replays then.


The replays are broken.
They always show the energy value incorrectly and the resistance alike.
I would do the math but I’m pretty sure it’s just the replay’s visual bug’s fault.


741x1.1(bonus dmg because he downed 2 mechs in 3v3)= 815…max dmg…so 806 is doable.
Ps:you get 5% bonus dmg, each time you destroy a mech. In 3v3,


Not even the math man L4K3 noticed that


I have this weapon now!I really love it!:star_struck:



Which much is more beautiful?Night eagle or mighty cannon?


Funny. I used to know that but I can’t afford 3v3 since the update. The others playing it have tons of special weapons and if you’re not max myth on everything… one mech I can handle. Slowly approaching the point I can do 2v2 but the second mech will be entirely epic+ weapons drops.


Yep,looks like I’m also blind.
Math has nothing to do with eyesight :laughing:
The answer was just there yet…who looked?


u troll energy mechs lol


You wana say when in 3vs3 battles you kill mech game give additional damage bonus?


Yes, every star medal is 5% damage bonus.


@Elcent I think this should be pinned.


thats just very sad mythical and at rank 11