~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


A fellow kongregater posted this. I haven’t seen a screenshot and this is a repost of a repost. Seems plausible though.

143-186 exp dmg 44 heat dmg 46 cooling dmg 20 resist drain knockback 1 time use


it is not the best but pretty good cooling dmg



Sorry, you have to follow the link to see the picture…^^

(Justification of Vandal Rage)



Maxed stats for the new item.


I call it the Poor Man’s Magma Blast. :grinning:


That cooling dmg is good tho


Sorry for offtopic xD

Devs: New item!
Players: YAAAAY!
Devs: It is another heat top weapon!
Physicals players: FUUUUUUUUUUCK
Heats players: Nice! How about stats?
Devs: 46 cooling damage and…
Electrics players: Wtf is wrong with you?
Devs: 4-5 range
Electrics players: AHAHAAHAHAHAH

Thats how I see it


oh wow LOL that is so true


Jajaja is true lol…


So true :cry:. I guess I have to switch to heat. So I decided to open an premium pack and guess what?

sigh It’s the third time in a row.


i got my vandle rage to lv 41 mythicle!!


anyone have a maxed heat drone that decreases cooling?
if so pic plz


MURMUR ------------ (45), 86-153 ExDmg, 36HeatDmg, 7CoolingDmg, (0/31 Cost)
2018-02-27 (7)
Cooling damage is a hidden stat


thx m8 (i wish i could wright shorter)


not anymore hidden ^^


Proof for MB’s not-anymore-hidden stats ^^


They were never hidden during combat tho


wat. someone in rank 11 has a near max myth magma blast. Pathetic?


But in workshop, yes


nope , all items have their stats shown.