~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


When SM reload a month, finish bigboy can get a premium box, you can get 2 card, I finish bigboy 10 time in one day and I can get 20+epic and 5+ legendary per day, is it a big glitch?
But now the glitch doesn’t work:(


And how much money did you spend lol?


I have that too but I haven’t upgraded that yet :frowning:


Are you a energy player?


PYS player, but plan to go as ELE player


If you have a vanliant snipper than go to ele


sad I don’t have valiant sniper :((


Ok first you be a phy player if you got good energy items then you go the ele


Don’t talk this anymore, we are run off this topic…


none , lol.

i only have 4 l-m items


I’m using 8, and I have 8 more I don’t use… plus 5 I got rid of.

The $$ is strong with this one… but is that a good thing?

And of all those, no platinum plates. Go figure.


Advanced teleporter


Normally I missed nothing in that bounty list, some of the infos can be easily checked now since hidden stats aren’t anymore ^^ (just to have the item at myth tier or max legendary (in 2nd case, use the lvl1-myth screen preview ^^))


Here is proof for Hurlbat, now it’s up to others ppl to help with the missing stats, I don’t have those items ^^

When I think my Void is still currently at lvl 1 legendary XD


New weapon vandal range
someone plz add it when maxed it in to myth21 PM


Can u max


Yayyy, I can smell a new Weapon Portal coming… Soon!!


Its already here man , just log in


I swear, I posted this without logging in… I am a PROPHET!



quality joke