~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


I think I maxed up something


Eww… @Andernut Sorrow has -12 maxheat but you add nohidstats?


Correct, because -12 maxheat is a visible stat in the workshop, not a hidden stat. Though I think since we have most (all?) stats covered now, saying “nohidstats” is probably not necessary, it was more necessary when we were missing most of the hidden stats.


Really? Now can see -maxheat/energy and -cooling/regan in workshop? Can u send a pic to me?


I checked in-game, and it’s showing, like in legacy versions ^^

But I don’t have a screenshot for you…^^


I think all stats are here ^^ I don’t think I have a weapon/drone which damages the cooling to check, but for the 3 other stats it’s OK ^^


I couldn’t find any hidden stats with any of my items, I’ve removed the hidstat commentary in the posts.


I changed terrorblade max capacity damage to -32 from -36.


maybe it gains it when maxed


No item in the game gains capacity, regen, or res damage when leveled. No exceptions.


it’s not yet maxed tho, but maybe 41-55


hid stats now shown on workshop :wink:


Advanced teleporter, I will maxed up soon


I got the advanced teleporter recently


Two vanilla snipping and windfool can deal 454 energy in one turn lol.


nice bro how much money did you spend?


Zero lol


bullshit , not buying it


I play sm every day, so I can got a myth per 3 days.
lol you don’t believe me


no , im fine with that.

I can make amyth in 2-3 days.

But the fact is how did you get all those good items?