~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~


Time to get rid of a lv 27 myth sith torso !!!


Please…People already hurt my 2 other mechs…At least have faith in this one…Poor little guy…


Actualy Sith was my first max myth.
If you pack a myth hp plate… that little guy is awsome.
Ps: on an energy build, vs another energy build it wins.


not a bad mech how much hp does it have


Currently has 1350 hp.
Legs are not maxed (and I’m also going to change them for either Charged Walkers or Lightning Supporters.
I’m also gonna put another plate on it (for right now it only has 1 of those and not max upgraded either)…
Lemme upgrade my other modules and,depending on how it behaves then,I’m gonna give it between 1 or 2 other epic plates actually.
And no,I’m not gonna go for Grim.
(I may be tempted to go for Naga but you might know my ‘‘Naga mistake’’ from some time ago…So no,I ain’t getting no Naga on this beauty anytime soon)


Hey @Andernut , look what i came across.


can i see the stats of this new zarkares


I thought it only got a remodel. Did it get a stat change as well?


who knows???


Chillout , nothing happened to zakares.


IMO the new legend zark is pretty ugly. Like, what’s that gross thing under the eye things? A mouth? Eww… mechs don’t even have mouths, right?


That’s irrelevant since no one wanna stick with a legendary torso.


I don’t have a single myth yet. Only that legacy trash if it even counts.


Wait, isn’t Max Heat Capacity Damage an hidden stat ? ^^


It may have been at one point but I have a legendary sorrow tha. Shows -4 Max Heat


in workshop ?


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More characters.


Hidden characs are not anymore hidden ? Hourra XD


What is this character limit you speak of?


you need at least 20 characters in your post to be able to post it

try to type: “I’m a unicorn” ^^ (and only it ^^)