~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~

lol wrong thread woops.

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Reply to this comment if you only look at the pictures

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Last thing to check and the wiki’s completly up to date normally ^^

Just wondering, does anyone have a pic of that maxed myth please ? ^^

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You ever see those drones that are literally these drones but just turned upside down

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Armor annihilator
ARMOR ANNIHILATOR(L)-(17),2-4 Range,39-52 PysDmg,-30 PysRes,1 Use, (No Cost)

Here ya go.

Also thanks to Ricemech for the pic on his Mythical items png with maxed stats thread.



thanks, but…
I meant the item with stats…

Apologies, one moment.

There the item with it’s stats. (at max myth).

Legacy item fam

Yoshimo X, asian looking torso…

High energy cap, decent heat cap, decent cooling, low regen (for the legacy times)

Mirrored item of USA mk I ^^


i remeber that torso i think it was the yoshima x

Were there any mythicals for Zakares, Mighty cannon, and Annihilation? Because if there aren’t I would like to put it in :stuck_out_tongue:

I am asian but I am not japanese. I am korean.
Also. I always here this at school.
“When you turn asian, you never miss an equation.”

Are you asking if those items were added? because they’re definitely there. As shown above, they’re in the listing. c:


I think we need a new pys torso and a new enegy torso, maybe a remix of some more legacy items?

We need a new nerf, of everything that is energy. Ffs make heat or physicals the new OP metas. Energies so retarded with little to no skill required.


yah because makeing my phy mech and heat mech was a challenge