~~~~~Maxed Mythicals Listing~~~~~

thank you for your answer…

not possible though.

The legacy myth teleport… Miss it too.

That’s “Sky Walkers” :wink:


This is pretty random, but I’m sure BloodWeep has -20 resistance drain.

@AllAkb that is:

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Here are some weapon that blank in the list:
SPINEFALL-----------(67), 4-8 Range, 192-329 ElDmg, 95 EnDmg, -7EnRegen, 1 pull,(75/25)
DELERIUM------------(56), 4-8 Range, 203-265 ElDmg, 95 EnDmg, -5 ElRes, no hidden stats, (47/16)
ULTRABRIGHT-------(56), 3-6 Range, 203-265 ElDmg, 95 EnDmg, -5 ElRes, no hidden stats, (47/16) ( just same as Delerium, except range)
HERONMARK--------(46), 1-2 Range, 144-232ExDmg, 58HeatDmg, -7ExRes, no hidden stats, (13/50)
@Andernut please add to the list or I can add.


Heronmark is 7 El resist drain not 10. I make a mistake, I edited the list.

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Pantallazo-2018-01-10 18-17-25

corrutp litgh max


Wasn’t it already listed ? ^^

It’s a quick review … and I was not there

screw that
energy drones dont need heat & not x that theyre heavier
btw YES! im still alive xD
it was a bussy new year
late Happy xmas & new year btw


Zarkares torso its better now xD
sightly heavier & sightly less energy but its bestie heat torso
ill keep it with brutallity just to keep the legacy “god mode” looking & the good memories when supermechs was a fun game


This list is wonderful, I consult it again and again every time I get some legendary.

Right now I got an archimonde and I want to know if it’s worth maxing it out or not. This list is very useful for me.

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beautiful, but useless: very low stock of heat\energy and no development of them, the advantage of HP is lost by the need to put the modules.


I’ve seen it already, yes. If I had to compare , looks like the Avenger statistics, but with less HP. The difference in weight is not very significant either …

What a pity they make a torso visually attractive, that it only starts from legendary, but with little use.

When I build my mechs, I don´t just look at statistics … like aesthetics … I try to make my mechs look attractive. I change the weapons, arrange them so that they look nice. Archimonde lends itself to that.

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too much weapons…

That horn doesn’t really fit into your mech too ._.

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well, if so - I put the account on delete. :cry:


lol…!!! are destructive critics, right? :japanese_ogre:

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