Maxed Frantic Lightning Analysis + Portal Final Report

  • Frantic Lightning electric damage with 20% buff’s Max/Min damage is [ 91,2 / 541,2 ]
  • Frantic Ligtning’s energy damage with 20% buff is [ 115,2 ]
  • Overall possbile damage for Frantic Lightning when enemy’s energy is zero is [206,4/ 654,2]

Final Conclusion :

  • Frantic Lightning can become very devastating if its paired with heavy drain weapons like Ash Creator/Valiant Sniper
  • Frantic Lightning’s 2 uses will effecfively makes it a 2 uses bunker shell

My personal portal farming report

  • ONLY farmed on hard
  • 480 tokens were usd
  • 3 legendaries drop [2 E-M , 1 L-M being Delerium ]
  • Epics dropped so many times that i used all the epics i farmed from portal + my gold reserve to myth max Frantic Lightning
  • Literally commons have the same drop rate as legendaries
  • After the 15th farm , commons started to pop up more frequently so i stopped
  • No fortune box drop

I’ve already wasted 180T and I haven’t gotten any legendaries. This is the second portal in a row with no legies. Stupid drops. Portals are ruined.

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i still dont think frantic lightning will replace any meta weapons like shell and valiant

I got it first try on hard.

I got fortune box first run on easy… (unfortunately a rare one, but who cares, that’s what you get usually anyways…)

The first run on easy is always a guaranteed fortune box.

Not always, sometimes I don’t get one on easy first try. For instance the magma recoiler event…

I’ve gotten one for every single portal. :man_shrugging:


I knew you are P2w

This is why myth listing thread exist