"Max units build change"


So, as it stands now when you’re training units and you hit the “max” button, it attempts to build the maximum amount of units for which your colony/TB has space. I think it would be easier, if possible, so that it told you how many units you could afford/have the resources for, as opposed to just the amount you have room for. This way, if you have the resources to build the maximum amount then nothing changes, where if you’re simply trying to replenish armor, make spams, etc., this makes it easier.

A minor change, but something that could make things easier.



So basically if you hit the “max” button, it will train units only as much as you can afford?

And not just fill up the entire colony space?


That’s what I would like to change it to, yes. If you can afford to fill up the whole colony/training base space, then nothing changes for you. However if you’re in a hurry to rush as many as possible, just hitting"max" will then let you know how many you can afford to build


Awesome idea :slight_smile:


Lazy ppl…

Oh its Matt…