Max module for strongest mech!


A new module. This module is legendary or mysthic.

Legendary - Your weapons Have the max power Asignated for 2 turns

Mysthic - Your weapons Have the max power asignated for 4 turns


Your “Battle Axe” power is
284 - 401

With module:


I don’t understand what you are trying to say sorry




No guaranteed max damage on attacks - especially not for 2 and even less for 4 whole rounds!
Having the RNG of the damage range is part of the game.


Mercy will show no mercy when used with this module :joy_cat:


hitler joined the chat
hitler spammed “nein nein nein” and made your game lag




I can see those pixels next to the damage lol


If u have a picture it will be easilier for understand :smiley:


Eliminating RNG? No thanks. Maybe if they hit for their average damage… but even that’d remove a lot of strategy and tension from pvp. No thanks.


So a module that makes you always high roll? What if the other person doesn’t have it are they just screwed?