Max Making Mythical!


I make 3rd max mythical!
It was SO exciting!


cool! make sure to check out mine!


I have 5 myths, 3 of them maxed.


I have 4 myths none of them maxed :blush:


I have 5 max myth out of 6


Nice one!
Good job on achieving your 3rd.
Good luck on your next ones my dude,keep at it!


Next is Nightfall. Another one - SeraphBlade, Brutality, Clash, Annihilation, and next is modules.
Here that info which I planning.


Don’t you have a Void instead of Clash ? the resistance drain would benefit to the weapons (and itself, obviously ^^), but with Clash, the resistance drain would benefit only to the legs and itself ^^


I personally wouldn’t use Seraph Blade but hey,your wonder weapon…I can’t help it.


i curently use this setup for my seraph blade, and it kind of works nicely.
seraph can be switched with a nightfall, since they weight the same.
It doesnt work so well with nightfall in combo, it works good with mercy and anihilation.


Currently i use seraph on my build and it works great against double cl builds, paired with nighteagle its a great thing to break distance whilst dealing dmg


I know.
So hard to get Void because I get clash and snack xD
Also, it`s so long to create 2nd mech.


Now get my 2 myth to the f***.
And use a lot of silver box for 2nd Anni
ok. i need to get second annihilaton for it.
So… what I need to do with myth NightFall and max fused backbreaker?


I’m pretty sure it doesn’t, as the heat generation is… above average. Still, I never tried it.


Well then get one and try it by yourself