Max Items have been changed to zero...WTF

The Red text and Red Circle Explains it all,Used to have Alot of space…After the…League thing gave me three epics and 35k gold when i checked my space its 0
Is it just me???

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Buy/Try to open one box, and see if you can get new items.

If not…

“GREATEST” update of ALL time !!

(The quotation marks are very important)


Hahahahah the using of the quote

Nvm I Fixed it…

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The fact that the limit exists means it wasn’t fixed lole

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Hah,If they want the game to be amazing again,atleast remove the limit as a start right?

And here I thought there was a solution… :confused:

I would have been happy to see the max items limit has been turned to zero and you can open boxes again… but nope… It was still broken.

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