Max fused tryhard DOWN!

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yeah dont you just hate those bastards who pay to keep the game running so you don’t have to. and look it doesn’t even grant them an insta-win yet they do it anyway hahahhahaha stupid tryhards DOWN!!!


Unless you spend in the thousands you’re not keeping the game running, ad revenue is…

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without token purchases Tacticsoft would have long since gone bankrupt.


Maybe that’s for the better?

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“I dont like the game therefore it shouldnt exist because its not like I’m here voluntarily or anything”

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Here for the people more than anything these days

and so you have the boosters to thank for those people. this whole community and everything we’ve built here was funded and paid for by the “tryhards”. learn some respect.


Overestimating the role of spenders, again

Your wallet makes you a saint now, apparently

no I most certainly am not. you think this is free? you think the developers’ pay checks and all the software costs and hardware costs all just magically got paid for? the spenders money is what has built this game, the spenders’ money is what has brought the people you say you care about here so you could meet and interact with them. I’m not saying you should suck their dicks everyday about it but have a little respect.

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I have respect for those who deserve it


like whiney brats who make fun of those who continue to allow them to play a game for free even though you’ve just demonstrated it gives them no insurmountable advantages? are those people deserving of respect?

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No advantages huh

why don’t you ask your parents to buy you a dictionary this christmas so you can look up the word insurmountable so you don’t have to scratch your head for a few minutes, give up and pretend it wasn’t there next time.

That was insurmountable; no amount of strategy on my part would end in a win

For me he doesnt even look like a spender. In the new system you can get a full fused mech in a month or two. Without paying. I have two full fused mechs and I’ve never payed.


and there will be free to play players who will be more powerful than you too. but, need I remind you, the premise of this topic was you demonstrating that you can defeat payers who are of a lower tier than you. therefore, the boosting advantages are not flattly insurmountable.

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The number of mythicals for that rank is what labels you as a spender