Matchmaking System Sucks

I hate the matchmaking system, someone will be on that is a good match for me, or I will get beat and want to fight them again. But I will get 4 or 5 rank 2s in a row and 50 barely rank 1s… How the matchmaking is now this game is boring for very strong players. quitter after quitter, rager after rager or people that I literally kill with 2 shots. There needs to be a master rank or an elite league where only people with full rank 1 stars can compete.
And since money talks if you made this system top players would spend even more money on revenge, upgrading their mechs to get back at someone for a humiliating loss.

Like this poor guy who I got 3 or 4 times in a few minutes. Also I seem to fight the same people over and over and over.

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The real problem comes in the game itself, making it near impossible for players to obtain good mechs without throwing their bank account at the screen.

That, or play for years (after the update).

I’m definitely not throwing a single cent in their direction anymore.

es que jodieron todo de forma, solo gastando dinero se pueda avanzar, pero el daño ya esta hecho, muchos terminan fusionando sus old-míticos para cuando lo arreglen es como no tener nada XD!

True the damage is done but adding a rank above 1 that only top ranked mechs say the top 50 or top 100 can compete would be kind of neat.

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I feel like a bully…

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El sentimiento es mutuo XD!


I myself used to play Rise of Champion on Kong, and they had a tier system so when you played pvp it was you first did a 1-20start up, then you were tiered and you had to win so many battles and get points per tier to advance to the next. The sad thing was that most of the upper tier($$$$)players their were only a few in each tier so battles against each other were few and far, so the lower tiers had to catch up to them. that might be a way to level the game out???

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That’s the reason I want the elite tier to be the top 100 players they are also the top 100 most active players. If you do a point system or a mythic system top players will hardly ever get a match.

@ToxicDoll Judging by your Mech ill die in at least 3 turns

Yea the Pink Panther Doll Shred everybody with no mercy ULTRA BULLY :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

As far as quitters they’re all cowards no matter the power anyone goes against you don’t quit and run like a coward. I’ve gone against you with my little 1000 HP bot got in a few hits till you BULLIED ME TO DEATH :stuck_out_tongue:
was all good.
Till we meet again in the SM MOSH pit…

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While it is rather boring for top players fighting weak opponents, it is also significantly frustrating for the weak players to keep facing near impossible to beat players.

I agree that the matchmaking needs to be tweaked some more, or split the rank 1 tier into two more levels…

I do not quit on ladder. I’d rather win quickly or die trying. (And I mostly die trying - heh.) Quitting on ladder means a loss of the bonus gold for the winner (first 5 wins in PvP for the daily missions if I am not mistaken). So in the end, it’s the winner who gets slapped in the face by the quitter. But with odds like these, I can sort of understand why other players feel forced to quit, instead for waste 2-3 rounds of overwhelming power.

I don’t really agree, but I sorta do.

I do think there are blaring balancing issues, however I easily climbed to top ranks with a sorta f2p mech (I had some BD reds left around and I had an account before SM reloaded, altho it was lvl 9)

SM reloaded WAS a step in the right direction for f2p players, but then the SM team imo took a step backwards with the bigboy and item box nerfs. I was able to grind campaign and bigboy before the update and every time I got faced with an issue winning in arena I was able to grind it out for a bit to build my mech up to be even better. However with the death of the good farming methods it’s kina killed my motivation to play. It’s a lot harder to get higher now.

tldr: I don’t think the matchmaking necessarily sucks, I just think the way it’s set up has been messed up with the fairly disappointing changes to the game.


I agree with you 100% nerfing bigboy was a slap in the face for f2p pilots. They really need to rethink that.

Silly greedy developers , they disgust me.

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If they would re-add the 2 epis / 1 legendary to the bigboy i migt reconsider my opinion


@Carter the concept for SM reloaded was good, but the execution failed miserably…I remember thinking I couldn’t wait for the new version to go live after the beta, so I don’t think it’s a question of everything being bad…Since the beta though, there’ve been countless small changes that I feel make this version a big downgrade. Honestly, every day that passes I feel more and more like a rat in a lab experiment, whose sole purpose is to see how much rat cash they can squeeze out of before it dies.


And now it begins to sink in… evryday you are fed less and less… evryday you need to punch in more and more… be it endless grind of campaign, be it farming for tokens…
You have to punch in more time, more pepetitive actions, and yet without any real improvement of the game.
The PvP is just stupid, push buttons, the one with a better start position, or luck roll wins.
Campaign is just a waste, you punch in 20 runs(of 7 energy 6th mission since is fastest and get most out of energy), take u 1-2 h, and u have 140k gold, and 60 items… total value… crap, those 60 items barely help you boost some wepon.
And this repetitive action… just takes it out of the fun.
You know from the start who is gonna win in a match… there are no surprises… hmm, spawn next to a dual heater… you are dead. Spawn next to a dual flamer… your are dead. Spawn too far away from an energy mech… you are dead… there isnt any surprise.
No brain activity ever requiered… to play it… they made it idiot proof… maybe they will add an autoplay feature…so that you sit and just watch how the mech plays…

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Yepp…as each day goes by, this game is becoming more binary…every day they close another door for players…

It WAS good for the f2p peeps… was

But now it’s all too obvious that they are just trying to get into our pockets, making it impossible to get good in f2p alone.

That was Yesterday

This is Today …

i Think Thay Do Something in Matchmaking System But i’ll Think it Needs More Work As The All Game Now After This New Update

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