Matchmaking still taking forever


I used to do field work when I lived in Montana but not so much here in Virginia.


I got out my macro cam it’s made to take pics of small things and added a quarter so you can get a grasp on the size this would of been in the mid of the right side of the jaw. It is kind of a rare fossil they ranged through Egypt .


Do you know where it comes from?


It is from the Bahariya Formation / Oasis in Egypt. is a great site too haha.


In the area of El-Fayum is where you can find the oldest paleontological records.


I always wanted to visit Wadi Al-Hitan.
The oceanic fossils there are incredible.


I read it is interesting :slight_smile:


*boat army where you just chill on a big boat and get paid


I was never in a boat more than when I did the practices in exams for promotion. My work was always administrative.


Boot, A, and C school took almost a year, I was a plank owner on the Ronald Reagan CVN 76 I did 3 years on her. I went in at 18 got out right before I turned 23.

Plank owner means I was part of her first crew.


What I regret is that I retired without having made the trip to Antarctica…

We had a joke with that. When someone behaved badly we said “I’m going to send you to count penguins to Antarctica” … but I would have loved to go count penguins to Antarctica!