Matchmaking still taking forever


How good!! We have something in common. I have 20 years in Navy!


We actually have a lot in common if we could put this game into perspective and stop being turds to each other I think we could be friends <3
The Navy is how I have been to so many places in the world. Who ever said getting there is half the fun never served on a ship haha.
I was a MSSN lol that means I was an e3 cook haha. I worked in the wardroom though so I am a decent cook when I got out I cooked locally for a few years now I am a full time student and make money on the side doing stuff from home.


Everything is possible … but there is as incompatibility of personalities. We may not be enemies, but friend is something else.


Maybe, really I don’t care one way or the other… I am just trying to hand you an olive branch…


Let her be a LITTLE grumpy, that’s normal with that age :exclamation:



When I enlisted in Navy I was studying Law. I did 4 years of Advocacy and then I dedicated myself to Archeology. So everything I studied was while I was in Navy. They respected me a lot for that. My work was always administration. I came to have a position of trust.


You would of been a clerk in the US navy probably a LS. LS is Logistic Support it’s a type of S rating.
I was an MS Mess Management Specialist also a S rating. Supply by the way is S, anything that deals with people falls into the supply rates.


Yes, but Advocacy obviously was not my vocation or I would have finished my degree. finally bit me the duck of Ancient Egypt.


I wanted to get into Archaeology or maybe paleontology (i collect fossils), but I decided to become an architect. I didn’t want to teach.


Casey Ryback? :eyes:


This is a Carcharodontosaurus tooth. It is from the Late Cretaceous period; about 85 million years ago. It is my favorite fossili in my collection.

better pic my cam sucks at small things.


I investigate, don´t teach. I’m a Documentalist. Although sometimes I made some conferences. The last one was a video-conference for the University of Lima and I was very nervous because I had never done a video-conference …


I used to do field work when I lived in Montana but not so much here in Virginia.


I got out my macro cam it’s made to take pics of small things and added a quarter so you can get a grasp on the size this would of been in the mid of the right side of the jaw. It is kind of a rare fossil they ranged through Egypt .


Do you know where it comes from?


It is from the Bahariya Formation / Oasis in Egypt. is a great site too haha.


In the area of El-Fayum is where you can find the oldest paleontological records.


I always wanted to visit Wadi Al-Hitan.
The oceanic fossils there are incredible.


I read it is interesting :slight_smile:


*boat army where you just chill on a big boat and get paid