Matchmaking still taking forever

I have noticed once I get all my rank 1 stars back and hit the top 25, match making slows to a crawl. It takes forever to get a match even when there are over 400 players in lobby. Is this because people are not getting back to the top leagues?
@Tacticsoft how does matchmaking work now? This next question is for other top 25 players does it take you guys a while to get a match now even in 1v1?

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Yes, of course it takes more time!

But I add another factor: the top players take care of each other. And there are players that nobody wants to face, so when those players connect, many disappear or do not ask for battle.

Also, once you reached rank 1, to the dark skull (ancestral symbol of regeneration), why do you want to continue playing? You will get the same reward as any other rank 1. Do you want to compete for the first place? You will have to compete with a player who carries more OP in his energy mechs than a field of stars …

Simple, you stay where you are, don´t play and watch: when there is no pro connected can u do your 5 daily battles.

Because they have daily rewards and I like to do them.
The only match I have had in the last 20 min was with Mitch, it should not take 2 hours to do 5 fights.
Do you stop once you reach league 1 @Wepwawet?

I don’t care if a pro is connected or not, you may not realize this but my mech is a tough opponent, I would rather fight other tough players. I don’t care who is on or not on. I just feel if there are 400 players in the lobby it should not take over 15 min to find a match…

I am usually top 10 and I don’t even play to win anymore.

Now I’m stopped. I’m waiting for you to disconnect to do at least 1 battle.

If that does not happen all day, then I will lose my 5 battles, but I have work to do, so I can forget the game.

@Wepwawet im not going after you <3. I am not playing right now and if you get me all you have to do is ask for a win. If people ask me I let them win. My post is not about winning or losing I just want matches for my dailies it takes me like 15+ min to get a match in 1v1 no matter how many people are on.

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I don´t like that they let me win. And I’ve never asked for it, even when it was very noob.

I like to compete with people who are at my same level, I cannot compete with people who load mythical HP plates or mythical resistance. I also do not like to compete with people smaller than me, I feel that it is a scam for the other.

I doing like my cat, if the opponent is big I do not approach, but I do not ask for mercy, it is not in my nature. I seek justice, I am a good player, don´t look for gifts.

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You have my respect for that, a lot of people ask me for mercy and now since I am not in a clan that matters I can give it with little harm.

I dont care who I get, I rather fight the best.

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LOL! you make me laugh a little Toxic! And laughter is health …

What do you feel when someone asks you “please, let me win”?

Disappointment mostly.

I feel anger when people talk down to me…
You may not notice but I am trying to bury the past with you but you keep talking down to me I will get mad…

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You see? It´s not good to generate those feelings in people.

Letting someone win is not the same as insulting people and you love to insult me.
Why did you even respond to my topic your answer was off topic and had nothing to do with my question.
Unlike you I enjoy fighting “pros” I don’t care who I get. My fuckign psot is about 400 people in lobby and it takes me over 15min to get a 1v1 match.


Tell me about waiting time… 20 mins… not a single fight… it takes me 1h to make my daily.


Its insane right? It should not take that long. i thought it was a bug or something…

Lower the decibels that you don´t know why you made me laugh. You made me remember one of my Ancient History classes, that’s all.

Well you should’ve said that. Telling someone that they make you laugh when they are not trying to be funny is insulting…
It is called talking down to people and you do it a lot.

It should not take that long @El_Metre with over 400 people in lobby I feel your pain It takes me forever just to get my 5 fights. …

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It’s a game, I should laugh all the time. Nothing here is really serious.

You reminded me of the question a student asked once, why the deities of war are almost always women. And I answered him, because the woman is a mother and the mother has power over the life and death of her children. “She can both give life and take it away, unless the child is faster …” lol

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It is a game but with real people with real emotions and real feelings. You should remember you are not talking to machines you are talking to human beings. Just because you call it a game does not give you the right to be insulting.

It takes insanely long. It is very frustrating. I dont care who is on . I fight what I have to the best of my ability. Matchmaking is taking far too long to wait for.

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@ToxicDoll she didn’t mean it as offense anyways, also it was not an insult, she just forgot to set the comma, which would have been good in this case …

she ment “make me laugh a little, Toxic”, not “little Tosic”


But as you said correct @ToxicDoll better to stay topic …

16 days ago …

we will see if I was right …

IF they would have 1000 or more players online same time, it would be no problem, but they dont have - SuperMechs isn’t so big at the moment.


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