MatchMaking , p2w Vs f2p

Sure that will absolutely happen, if its implemented poorly.

Correct implementation means things like…

Every league has appropriate rewards. If you play in Epic league, the rewards aren’t as grand as in Legendary or Mythic league. End of tournament gold, token, items, and so on all get bigger and better the more impressive league you play in.

The goal is you should want your players to play in the highest league they are capable of playing in, to get the best rewards. But at least this way, for those who didn’t pay $200+ or more on this new update to instantly become Pay to Win full mythics, those players aren’t completely being crushed and therefore won’t be instantly quitting out of games when they bring their epic/legend Mech in a battle against a 2000 hp+ Mythic machine.

Getting beat by stronger players is why I wanted to get stronger. I wanted to be able to compete on their level… If you fight and lose you still get gold you can still grow. Winning don’t really give you a god like reward even winning the #1 spot… You can brag and you get 100k gold big woop… if you play the game for fun and don’t want to pay money or time to get strong then try to be the strongest rank 2 or rank 3… They alredy have it divided up into classes but because everyone wants to play in the rank 1 class so a lot of ppl just get that they get to barely stay rank 1.

Another idea is that the item you use automatically gets downgraded to the highest level of the League you are in. For example, having either a maxed Mythical or a level 20 Legendary item on your mech would get automatically lowered to a max level Epic in battle upon trying to enter the Epic League.

This will make it so there are no downsides to upgrading your item above the League that you wish to play in. Of course, this also means you can’t use things like Legendary-Mythical items in the Epic League, etc.

Oh, and lower level leagues have smaller rewards, of course.

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Why not make it where your items automatically get downgraded to the lowest rank of the opponent you are fighting that way no one has any advantage over another for time played or money spent. a new player can be the #1season winner and a person who has spent 3k can get beat by someone that has not spent a dime or even farmed for fusion. That way the free players will be super happy, because that’s the goal to keep the free players happy. Then no one will ever have to try to be the best or even spend money or time getting strong. Everyone’s a winner.

Because even if you make leagues or any of it, people will still have fully fused legendaries or epics etc and people will have non-fused ones and people will still complain that the people that spend time and money on the game beat them.

I said this many times tox , every f2p player will reach full mythical at some point in the future…

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ermm yeah…
340k gold to max out my mythical torso

But still, youll reach full myth at some point.

Not anymore, it will take you a lifetime to get epics from mix and silver boxes now, since they nerfed bigboy. And I’m pretty sure that they will do an ‘SM DoubleReloaded’ by the time we(f2p) reach full myths -__-

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