MatchMaking , p2w Vs f2p

This is a very good idea in terms of matchmaking . Since p2w players & cheaters are way op and some of cant get back up to rank 1 , i propose this.

Make f2p players ONLY fight f2p players , and p2w players ONLY fight p2w players , so donators get to play with harder enemies , while f2p play with f2p.

If this will happen everyone (like 70%)will atleast be happy cause they wont have to quittosomeone with like 2K hp and insta death weapons.

Hear me out @Mohadib & @Sarah247


No, a league system would be better.

For example:

An Epic League… where only mechs with Epic or lower tier items would be able to participate.

Legendary League… Mythical League… you get the idea.


scared to fight the other p2w players huh?

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I have another idea
Every items must have some points
For example mythic torso 120, legs 80, weapon 50.
Finally we have 250 points, so search system give you opponent with same points.
Or ± 50 points.

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if this going to be added i’m going to be in the top 100 of all f2p players ^-^

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Nice idea kingblinks and fluxeon Hello, i am a old player of super mechs, i would like to know if it’s possible to back to the ladder points system because I think a lot of player like me loved this system and new and old people are probably like me tired of the current system or could discover an other system. But also when i speak of the old system, i speak mostly of the system where we could choose in what level we wanted to play, for example : i am level 30 and i want play in level 18 so i making a mech with only items in level 18. I speak of this system, with level on every items. Furthermore this system allows for news players (so bad mech) to fight against mechs of the same level and allows to vary different mechs and levels (it’s better than play only with best items every time (level 30). I think a lot of players leave the game for these reasons. So i think have had some good arguments and i can give some other. Now I request the intention and opinion of admins and players for this idea (i agree/ i’m not agree + argument). Video of the system :
Sorry for my bad english,I want to listen mostly top players of the old ranking or current!! Goodbye.

nice idea kingblinks also, i have an other this one : My idea is this to some classifications for multiplayer mech that would HEAVYMECHs, MEDIUMMECHS and LOWMECH.
Well here the heavy mech would be in the weight between 701kg to 1000 kg, while medium mechs They would be out there from 401kg to 700 kg and Low mechs They would be up to 400kg maximums. Low logically the only mech will be able peliar with Low mech and the same with the other types.
Well that’s an idea and the other something similar, but allows us to fight with equipment and weapons for example maximum level 10, and another section with equipment and maximum weapons level 20, so those facilities that often are cute would be used but not they are used because they are very weak.
Serian ideas that if emplementaran would be very cool, that if that if some of the ideas agregasen should return the item shop to buy some low levels or less weight.
So thanks for reading hope your comments and answers.

EDIT :Now, a small change by bringing together the two ideas : Heavy mechs : level 24-30 equipment (or for the heavy mech level 28-30 only and another one category level 24-27), Medium mechs : level 19-23 equipments, Low mechs : level 16-18 equipment, Very Low mechs : level 10-15 equipments, And below level 10, no category of mechs (heavy mech,medium,low…) until reaching level 10. This is just an example. We can change it…

“scared to fight the other p2w players huh?” His idea is better than yours. What’s the cut off for free to play if you spend $5 does that make you Pay to win? Fluxeon’s idea matches power with power. If you have mostly mythic items you fight people with mythic items. If you have epic items you fight people with epic items…


OR JUST make it a KISS situation (keep it simple stupid) and they fix the comparison algorithm so when bots are picked to fight each other they have a somewhat equal battle level NOT throwing a 3000 HP with maxed out weapons up against a 1000-2000 HP with so so weapons that has no chance. In many cases the 3000 bot can just let his drone kill the other guy without doing anything else except maybe an occasional STOMP for good measure.

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you are just saying this because you are a top player and dont give a f**k about anyone else. Plus, every f2p players would hit full mythical in a long period of time , and they will fight along the p2w. Got anyting to say about this?

Actualy he is a top player that gives a fack… but he also enjoys seal clubbing. It is a very big gap between mythicals and legendaries… so yeah a league sistem ia requiered. I really dont enjoy seal clubbing, cause it seams like picking up on small kids. Like a heavyweight fihhting a strawweight… the skill cant help you. I’m a former cruiserweight fighter, and let me tell you, even 10kg diference is hard to compensate, let alone a 30-50 kg diference.
But there is also a big diference bwtween mythicals that you pay for( enegy shell, flame thingy, valiant sniper) and the free mythicals( malice, hysteria, grenade thingy). So you can go toe to toe with a heavyweight, but if that heavyweight is on the right juices, he is still on advantage vs an all natural( no roids) heavyweight.

Honestly I don’t really care if free players fight free players my point is what do you class a pay to play player as, do they spend 5 bucks and get put in with the big dogs? Most of the time weak players see me and quit so all i get is my time wasted i get 0 from it. And as for not getting good things for free I got my Brutality and Sith torso from endboss you can also get legendaries. There are different classes of rank one player both in F2P and P2W some are weak some are strong. When you get a rank 2 and you stomp the snot out of him what do you do? Will you compaine when you have to fight F2P players that have more time to waste than you. You’re just going to get the same thing very strong F2P players and weak F2P players.

Hm, how much sm u have before update?
Because it looks you one of guys who get stuff by conventer in first days.
Really p2w or f2p?

I had over 2000 items in my inventory before update, for the last month I have been focusing on clearing them out and fusing them into new stuff and spamming endboss on normal for gold and epics. I do donate though but not really that much. If people did $10 or $20 a month for a couple months they could get top gear easily. You can also get gear from endboss, before last update he gave out 2 epics with the chance for a legendary every win. Now it is 1 epic with a chance for a legendary.

or how about you man up, face players who are stronger than you are and see it as an opportunity to learn and grow like all the top players had to at one point to get where they are.


an oportunity yes , that will take like a year to get full myth and full fuse to f2p

Good ideas.

@Mohadib do you like them?

@Sarah247 please communicate that to team! :slight_smile:

kingblinks’s idea should be implented! it’s a awesome idea!
fluxeon’ idea is hard because if you have 1 mythical torso and all other item legendary? The searsh system need to find a opponent with this and it’s maybe hard for it, and the player can wait a long time or play against the same player in a row, so this system need to play only with item of one league! Out, in the kingblinks idea you can play with mixed items (legendary, epic…) like now.

I also feel like if a league system was implemented it would ultimately just dscourage players from upgrading their mechs

Sarah once told that soon their will be dungeon events, i hope its interesting like little tournaments and not boring stuff.