'Matchmaking.....Need I say more?'

So, SuperMechs has a long history of being a good flash game, with ‘fair’ weapons and matchmaking. Why did I add a quote mark on the word, “fair”? Because NONE of the weapons OR matchmaking even is fair (this is beginning to be Pixonic’s P2W game War Robots actually.)! But today, I will be covering the matchmaking. Fix the goddamn matchmaking. Me, and many others, have always been shitstopped by r1-5 players, hiding in the lower ranks of the leagues, so getting to the sweet sweet r12 boxes at the end of each week is hard to get, because whenever SM matchmaking gives you fair fights against people of your league, it will just throw someone with ALL mythicals and divines, while you’re there, basically trying to get to the higher ranks while figuring out a way to get out of your rank without spending any goddamn money. In conclusion, matchmaking is the ‘only’ goddamn problem in the game Tacticsoft, so please update it to match you in fair fights, as in matching people up with the same stats as we do (because 1k HP vs 2k HP with savageries and corrupts at divine? That’s a big no no.), and try to make an A.I that can match players equally. I do not care if it takes forever to create, or if the server crashes multiple times, I just wanna get a good entertainment value on this flash game before flash disables.


Divine CL and Savagery is a very common thing for rank 12, get used to it.

The reason why you can’t reach rank 12 is simply because your mech isn’t good enough.

Mind showing your mechs?


That’s correct actually, it’s common for mechs in R12+ to have CL or MB builds at divine!

Screen Shot 2020-11-21 at 3.38.32 PM


the stats are the first mech.

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Well, your mech has two major problems. First off, it’s a hybrid. You have energy weapons for close range, but heat for long range. Your mech must always have one goal, which is to either:

  • Kill the enemy as fast as possible (physical)
  • Disrupt the enemy’s weaponry then deal huge damage (energy)
  • Steal turns from the enemy (heat)

Also, your cooling is horrible. You shouldn’t expect to win against a divine CL with only 133 cooling.
Same applies to your energy stats.

There are also some other problems, like your range 3 blindspot. You don’t have anything to go with your ultrabright, making you waste a turn instead of firing another weapon. You aren’t using the appropriate drone as well, your main weapons have to able to fire at ranges 2-4 if you want to continue using tonto. Lastly, interceptor isn’t that good of a torso, you should replace it with the zark on your second mech. When you myth it, of course.

Upgrade your modules, or else you won’t stand a chance against heat and energy.

God this took a long time to write :sweat: autocorrect sucks


Exactly. I am aware of the fact that the 3 range blindspot is a shitzone, but the weight is telling me no. So should I wait for Hysteria and myth Zark or remove my Tonto for a weapon to go with UB?

Ah, so you’re trying to build an energy mech. I think you should remove the sword, since it stops at epic, and who knows when you will get a brightroar. Replace it with last words to get rid of the blindspot, and change the Savagery into a hysteria, ofc. You only need one hysteria, BTW. For your drone, you can pick either faceshocker or unreliable protector, both are good drones and will serve you nicely until you get a railgun or an unreliable guardian.

And yeah, myth your zark and wait for hysteria.

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Thanks for the tip.

aggressive farming on OD 6 Insane intensifies


I agree.

I think the easy way to fix this is to give users an option (in settings) to only fight people in the same rank as them. It might result in it taking longer to match you with someone, but oh well.

Then fix smurfing by only allowing someone to drop 3 arena ranks in one day.

Then fix the point system:

  • If you beat someone higher in arena rank, 2 stars.
  • If you beat someone equal to your rank, 1 star.
  • If you beat someone lower in rank to you, 0 stars. You should be able to do that anyways.
  • If you lose to someone equal in rank, lose 1 star.
  • If you lose to someone higher in rank, lose 0 stars. That’s expected.
  • If you lose to someone lower in rank, lose 2 stars.

Then make it so that if you quit out of a match, you do not lose or gain a star. Seriously, that’s specifically how people smurf: they quit out at the beginning. That only makes it easy for them to smurf. Screw that: make them sit through the entire match and get fully beaten to lose a star. That way it’s easier to then go to the replays and see who your smurfs are. Make them sit and contemplate, for a longer period of time, why it’s dumb to let some very low rank person beat them. Make it cost them something.

We don’t need that system. Sometimes you can’t win against someone lower ranked then you, especially at the start of the season where everyone’s rank is lowered. And making it to only fight people in your own rank would take MINUTES at least to find a match, especially in top ranks where there’s not a lot of players. And quitting saves time.

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Completely agree with you…It takes astronomically long to find a match in 3v3


Youre not an experienced player thats why youre facing this problem…At rank 5 and above…Corrupt Lights dont even leave a scratch on your mech

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I can only enter level 9 because everyone has 2 last level robots. :frowning:

Why are you complaining about facing higher opponents when the game is a slow progress based game,lets account that if we had to match against someone our own rank that would take about 3-5 mins just to find one battle,and complaining about higher ranked people is a common disease when


That means you need start thinking about what kind of mech will you have in the future, you can’t expect to get to high ranks with your current mechs.

  1. R12 box is not sweet. Most of the time r3-r1 boxes aren’t sweet.
  2. There are f2p builds that can carry you to top ranks so if you’re not gonna comply with a game that is p2w, dons a way around it, don’t just complain.
  3. Yeah people in the game smurf but if you have mechs that will carry you to r12 eventually, fighting enough times will get you there. I have almost 100 wins this week and that lets me move up ranks, not complaining about the state of the game

Sorry, I just get pissed when low rankers think that they have it bad but they’ve never seen a 4K phys counter or fought 10 hacked accounts in a row which drops them all the way down to r3


Exactly what i was trying to put together above <3


I didn’t say forcing the option. I said giving people the option in their settings. And I doubt that would take minutes. If I was to hit the button to fight in the arena 10 times, roughly 75% of the people I encounter would be equal to me in arena rank.

Last time people didn’t believe me about the average # turns in a game, I recorded 40 matches and showed them empirically I was right.

What, do I need to run 40 more to prove this, too? Heck, if anything, I say this time other people need to come up with the objective proof :slight_smile:

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Just because you think you have more reason to complain doesn’t make my complaints invalid. If anything, it proves they’re valid because you are also experiencing similar problems. I’m not whining, I’m pointing out an objective problem with the game that could receive an objective solution that (the “equal match” option in settings) would not force everyone to be the same.

Let them open a test SM server and I’ll help beta test.

I built the spreadsheets (which may get incorporated into Workshop Unlimited in the future) specifically because I wanted to think towards the future. What, do you think I run around with a physical mech with a max’d out Broomstick wondering why I can’t get past level 20? Absolutely not. I’ve looked at the top 10 players’ mechs, watched their replays, etc.

With all due respect, please don’t criticize my valid complaints just because you also have similar valid complaints. If anything, we agree, and this only makes the problems we have pointed out more valid, not individually less valid.