Match Maker and the Wonderful Up and Down Ladder Routine

I don’t know about you, but lately since starting to do the Arena battles. All the Match Maker and Ladder Ranks up between 19 and 18 seems like one big eternal of a limbo loophole. Tacticsoft really needs to consider making the Match Maker for Arena battles more balanced.

Based on builds, player skill, and finally equal grounds.

Another issue I find is often how the battles start out too close? Or too far away. There needs to be a standard setup so that players don’t feel like they are being taken advantage of. Otherwise it’s taking about the fun in the game.

The battle start location is random… So, yeah, there are times when you are starting in a favorable position, or at times start in a terrible position.

I agree, the match making in ladder needs a few fixing.

Glad to hear that although have found on the forums a bit more of a difference of opinion as well. But hey that’s gaming and community opinion.

the thing that gets me is being lvl3 and doing an arena opponent that is lvl2 loaded with mythical, basically sandbag crap??? :scream:

Agreed my friend…I agree

You think that’s bad, even folks on here claim doing the campaign is best to move up in leveling and also progression gear wise. Gear wise? You still get the same mess, and to top it off if campaign is leaving you at a cliff hanger the ONLY other option is to do Arena Battles. Can you say RIPOFF?

Again another ploy to pay out of pocket just so something fixed like this cons you to pay more money…