Marvel or DC which u like the most


which of those comic companies that today are so famous by movies, series, cartoons and ETC. are you with Marvel Comics or DC Comics

  • Marvel Comics
  • DC Comics

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I like both…

Marvel has better Movies, DC has better Animations, Both have Great Comics…


Speaking about marvel and dc , last year stan lee who is the Co-Creator of Marvel comics dies in the age of 94 years , R.I.P stan lee you’re a man that made history , your super heroes will remember you as well as the fans , R.I.P


DC Comics were more popular in comics and during the golden age of comics but in a dying last hope idea before bankrupt, Marvel set up a movie universe beginning with a lowly B lost IronMan as the movies main character. It was a success. Iron Man became an A list superhero next to Batman and superman and Marvel continued to revolutionise the cinema.

DC feeling left out and getting greedy for the cash that marvel worked hard for, decided to rush out some movies too. All trash. Even Wonder Woman was overrated just because it had a woman as a main character. Aside from being the first super heroine, the story was mediocre.

DC used this push to make Aquaman which was also a basic copy of Black Panther and Thor but with fish. Next up… Shazam. Let’s see how that goes.

I think Warner Bros basically tarnished the DC name and Disney made Marvel a multi billion dollar hit


idk i really like thor


I like DC and marvel both , but if i have to make a choice “Batman Dark knight triology” is a very special series of superhero movies made , dont think anything else can match the work done on that series.


i like iron man 1 cause