Mars 3, 6 Ticker EVENT! Fast!


M3 a 6 ticker 3 man alliance world ends at tick 1k

relics at tick 300
Clock start 12 Hours instead of 24 hours.
20 garrisons on the map with 15 xtals ( spawn time tick 10 ) 150 untis in each (units depending on what people have built in the world)
CT for joining teams 12 instead of 24.
OPS CT 12 instead of 24 ticks.
( Middle of era there can be a vote to pick if ticks should last longer than 1000 )

Community can vote for the admin of theyre choosing!

  • Yes
  • No

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ops at 12 tick means you can raze after 2 hours. just no
20 garrisons with precise tick of spawning. no again

everything else is fine, but its not going to happen


Quite honestly, a 6 ticker would likely require 2 admins to keep an eye on simply because of how fast it is and how easy it is to miss things. There’s also a few additional things we would have to consider as well. But perhaps it could happen in the near future. We’ll see.