Mars 3, 6 Ticker EVENT! Fast!


M3 a 6 ticker 3 man alliance world ends at tick 1k

relics at tick 300
Clock start 12 Hours instead of 24 hours.
20 garrisons on the map with 15 xtals ( spawn time tick 10 ) 150 untis in each (units depending on what people have built in the world)
CT for joining teams 12 instead of 24.
OPS CT 12 instead of 24 ticks.
( Middle of era there can be a vote to pick if ticks should last longer than 1000 )

Community can vote for the admin of theyre choosing!

  • Yes
  • No

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ops at 12 tick means you can raze after 2 hours. just no
20 garrisons with precise tick of spawning. no again

everything else is fine, but its not going to happen


Quite honestly, a 6 ticker would likely require 2 admins to keep an eye on simply because of how fast it is and how easy it is to miss things. There’s also a few additional things we would have to consider as well. But perhaps it could happen in the near future. We’ll see.


Noone else can match ur activity on this, or get @Gaurav with you to Admin this event cuz rest of Admins just… sucks. @Alexander you’re one of 'em.

Not 3 man, make it 5~7 at least.


Yup, exactly what I told greeny on Skype, 3 man is just too small for this event.


Wish I had the time to commit to such an event. Also, I’ve yet to hear anything new regarding being an admin or temp admin. Maybe Stu would have the time to help Josh.

A 6 tick even such as this would require a larger team than just 3 members if you would want multiple competitive teams.


Well I think the 2 admins should be from 2 different parts of world. One from Asia and other from Western Europe or US.


Logging in twice a day you would be doing better than the options we have :smiley:


Both sad and funny, what a game and what a bunch of idio running it :laughing: