Mars 1 ERA 67 Discussion


FLUX/SGC lost this era admit it instead of making excuses


Keep throwing the SGC tag around if it makes you feel any better everyone. Funny that whenever SGC members have played with FLUX before it has still been a flux team. Dan, Stark and I were in FLUX the last time you were in January right? I guess that makes you an SGC member now!
Reality is PS you caused numerous ‘friends’ of yours to quit through your behaviour here. And we all know you’ll do the exact same shit next era


oh shit what is this


Jazz was wrong to call it that, in my opinion. Recently literally any team that any member plays in now is called SGC. Exact same is happening in E2 rn


“dont take the shit too seriously alfie it just keeps the forums alive” (remember)
thats for you and i dont think i need to reply you noobs anymore since silence is the best reply to such fools.


Alright bro, you do you and keep cheating to get wins on a game 100 people play


Our team of members from flux, sgc, bda, and OTHER families did lose, that’s an indisputable fact. But as I made it painfully clear in PM’s PS, it wasn’t because of how good you or anyone on your team is. It wasn’t due to all those hours you put into it, those last second attacks, those attempted traps or baits. It wasn’t the “family” you play with. It wasn’t because you killed Bro. In the end, even if we lost, YOU did not “win”. Your team may finish first in the era, but to me and I’m sure many others, you did not win in our eyes.

The reason WE lost was because of who ever placed those multies, and thus because of cheating. Whether you, ali, a friend of yours or someone completely random placed them, it does not matter. The multies won the era, and thus congratulations to whoever got away with it, you have outdone yourself.

You want to know why people have assumed the multies are yours? Because you have a terrible track record. You can’t blame someone for accusing a previously known cheater for cheating, when they have the most to gain from it.

Take your hollow, empty, meaningless medal and some tokens, and you do you. This game is more than just medals and winning dead era’s, and I hope one day you come to realise this.


if it was about medals Faker i never showed them :frowning: i never played for medals or tokens i play for fun i keep saying i had nothing to do with those multis the guy “ali” in mars 2 placed multies for farming you know we even reported to tom and tom said he had nothing to do with multies he was clean but later era those 50 multies were banned a guy who can make multies for farming xp cant place and use multies against you?
you live in the past you cant excel in the future bud your point is right that anyone who has a bad track record is always blamed or accused
but 1st thing to use the spammers against me or something like that spamming was made 100% legal in BD you gotta ammend that 1st
and think yourself please think yourself did the multies appear when sasuke was playing in your alliance? those multies appeared when he got kicked


@abdul007 leave them no need to reply. people are like this, if they lose they say you cheated just to find an excuse of making them feel better and to the rest if PS really placed multis or whatever you guys think go prove it to the admin then talk here instead of just accusing.

Sad days for BD where one just cant admit his defeat and congratulate instead of accusing of cheating and as of me i never played with PS so i dont know if he ever cheated or no but i recently played some eras with him and he was clean :slight_smile: learn to admit your defeat, you are not God and congratulate other person on his efforts and win.


I agree, even tho im not even in M1, and just from reading this very interesting thread, I dont think cheating results in losing eras. Yea it could be discouraging, and very difficult but to blatantly rage quit i think is a little over the line. Same could be said about a stab. Unexpected, and not prepared for it. And Ive heard quite a bit of people say “If you cant survive a stab, you dont deserve to win” which i agree with, only to some extent.
I dont condone cheating ofc, but i feel if alliance can hold their ground after being stabbed, im sure the same could be done for fending off a bunch of arm/dmg inf spams within a hive
and not talking about the M1 alliances, im talking about in general, and not to mention its perfectly legal now :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
and it happens a lot, to everyone nowadays
And yea, i agree everyone stop saying its SGC, they wouldnt give up and throw in the towel so easily lol, theyd regroup and fight/kill the whole world


Tick 297, W have been fucked over by spammers placed down which conquered 2 colonies of them. Brofist has left bro and conquered George and took every one of his conqs and has gone straight to rank 1, 400 score ahead of rank 2. CwL are extending into Bro territory and further into W territory and Jazz has been conquered by YiYa. This looks like CwL have got this win in the bag.


Haha, you were a fun one to teach by fighting mate :slight_smile:
And yes, I have trolled my noobies before to test them, but more so during time of peace for them. I would never try to turn the tide of a war on those I taught.

And I’m actually a proponent to all types of play on BD. I have run solo teams that have taken out dozens of enemy teams throughout the era (and even taken on sub empires). I have run sub empires of my own as well (they’re harder to control than you may think). I have won by powerhousing through all the other teams. And I have won by diplomacy. We have made statements of “this way is wrong” and “this way is right”. But honestly, it’s a balance. The issue comes up when 1 method gets TOO popular. But when utilized correctly, these are all good methods. Obviously, some easier than others.

As for the rest of the discussion that has occurred in this topic:
BDA methods - I believe that the BDA should always do what’s in the best interest of the team itself. And this must be done on a case by case basis. There are some eras where you’ll find your newbie team really steps up to the plate and by all means, you should have them go ftw. There are other eras where you have many that are too green to fight the rank 1 or even 2 teams. And in this case, they should prioritize teaching basic to intermediate strategies. But my opinion is there is no 1 way to teach. Every era I’ve taught newbies, I have had to change my methods pending the atmosphere.

Spammers planting - I believe there was talk of potentially creating parameters that would stop players from planting and spamming. Now may be a good time to reevaluate that particular discussion. HOWEVER, I will also say, experienced players should know better than to not have anti spams spread out on their network. A brand spanking new colony planted can only create 34 armor inf to spam you with unless they wish to wait an additional few hours for further upgrades (which also mean less resources for building units). The only way around this is if they decide to boost (and most don’t waste tokens for spam… most). However, even with red boosting, it still requires time before they can attack you with stronger units. Everything comes down to management and appearances. Feints, distractions, etc. will buy you time when you need to take care of issues in your backyard.

Chances are, if you send a powerful army on a full offensive rush into your enemies territory, they’ll have a few armies follow you (cause they have to keep you in check). Have each member pull 1 squad back and you now have 10 squads to deal with defenses. If you think you HAVE to have every single unit on the frontline, then realize that is a risk. And it leaves you vulnerable in your backyard. You should NEVER be looking to win a battle through power alone though. You should be looking for that set up to take advantage of a trap. Of course, this is all more difficult to do than to say. And requires high activity all around.

I do still feel for the teams that get spammed by new colonies planting last second. Don’t get me wrong. But there are measures to reduce the damage potential, least until admin intervention comes. These aren’t new tactics though. They’ve existed since BD was created.

Anywho, i’ll stop my wall o text here.


Exactly. That’s why it guts me when such old players throw in the towel over spammers.( which is weird in itself). These methods have existed for as long as I remember too.


what about multing to do it?
I mean sure spamming is somehow legal but if some one plants multies and we have like 10 colonies spamming controlled by the same person… how in the worlds name can that be justified? Before admins can ban them the damage is done


It isn’t justified. It is a bannable offense and we will take action as soon as we can. And just like players, admin’s have lives they live outside of watching the game. So just like players, giving us a pm or a call on skype (if we don’t answer pm) will usually get our attention to check on the issue.

However, I can say as an admin, I often get complaints from people about cheating, but they didn’t do anything but send me an ingame message (and i won’t see that till i log on next). And by then, it may be too late for me to do anything. Kinda like if a player sitting on an OP is getting nuked and you send them an ingame PM to move… it’s not gonna make me get online sooner.

We as admins can turn attacks (if you can get us on soon enough, and you ALWAYS have at least 3 ticks to do so) and we can compensate for things we may have not caught in time.


No no you misunderstand. I am not saying anything about the admins…they do what they can . But i think there should be very strict punishments for nonsense like this.


There are. It’s a ban. The issue comes down to whether or not we can identify who it is truly that did the planting. Sadly, players are smart when it comes to cheating


smart when cheating
not so smart when playing :expressionless:



And again…