Mars 1 ERA 67 Discussion


I don’t understand scummy play like getting people to plant and spam the same tick on 0/34 accounts that get banned shortly after they do their damage. The joy in BD is from outplaying your opponents or putting in more time/effort than the other team. PS, weren’t you just earlier talking about BD being a game of tactics diplomacy of skill? How do you enjoy the game by pulling crap like this. Even if you are doing it for the medal count or whatever, no one will respect it because they know you got it from stuff like this


How anyone can enjoy “winning” when they have to blatantly cheat to do so I’ll never know…


Despite all that has been said here, I honestly feel no pity for SGC and for you Alfie. When you’re riding high and winning an era you can be the prick that kills a training alliance full of fresh blood on f3 just to satisfy your greed. You made me lose 2 brilliant new recruits to the game because of your actions on f3. Although what you did is all well and legal within the frames of this game, I still can’t bring myself to forgive that totally unnecessary stab and breach of honor. You talk about people like PS killing the community but forget that all kinds of wrong are still wrong.

On the matter at hand, the battledawn of today has become a game of very dirty tactics. I’ve been back for a little over a month and since I got back I’ve witnessed a new era of gangbanging and cheating that didn’t really exist some years ago when players actually wanted to earn their victories through beautifully fought wars. However instead of just quitting like some of you are doing now, I’ve strengthened my resolve not to make the same mistakes and to put in place all i need in eras to deal with spammers, gangbangers and cheaters. ( this actually CAN be done) The game needs the top players like us to fight the rot not just to run away when we lose.

Get some spine and let others look up to you.


battledawn has always been kinda dirty, but what are you talking about with the SGC thing on f3? you guys sat there and watched the fight and thought you were going to get rank 2 for doing literally nothing? Why would we not kill you as the biggest threat to the era??? Only a delusional idiot would think they wouldnt be attacked

ALSO, how are you going to train an alliance if you just sit there and do nothing all era? Who is that teaching? Only way to gain knowledge about the game is through actual fighting experience. You can only blame yourself for that era for being so naive to think you dont have to kill a single enemy squad and still get 2nd


There is a difference to losing legitimately by being stabbed or outplayed, and losing to cheating Neutron. I, like 99% of the players have lost countless era’s. However I never take it personally as it is part of the game, it allows you to learn and be less naive next time. Teaming is part of diplomacy, and that’s completely understandable. Diplomacy is a major part of the game. However, having multi’s plant, spam, rush and turn the tide of the war is not diplomacy, it is cheating. It ruins the era and future era’s as the people who win these tactics have no repercussions.

Yes it sucks to be stabbed Neutron, but I learnt very early on, almost 7 years ago that it is a core part of the game. You talk about running away, but you put as much effort into an era as everyone in our alliance did to see it stolen by those who do not deserve it. You see your friends quit one after another, as they don’t have fun playing against cheaters, then maybe you think whats the point. Because at the end of the day Neutron, this is a game. A game is meant to be fun, and losing, sure it sucks, but you get over it. Losing to cheating is not losing at all, it is being robbed.


I wasn’t playing this era you idiot. Backstabbing is part of the game. Cheating isn’t. Piss off and go and get rekt in another era.
Without even addressing killing you in f3, which was perfectly justified since you sat all era doing ■■■■ all and we wanted our sub to get rank 2, do not compare my team to the scum here. We win all our eras legitimately, everyone knows we don’t cheat, we don’t play dirty. Considering your team IK literally all account share I will not take any lectures from you at all about what is killing the community and what isn’t. SGC is one of the last proper teams left in this game


haha. There go the insults. Correction, my team isn’t IK. I belong to no one. I am a freelance player on .com and can play with anyone I choose or whoever asks without prejudice. My real family is ATOM, an old Kong family that doesn’t play anymore. (which I’m trying to revive on .com.) I live up to my own honor code and play clean. Anyone who has ever played with me can testify.

And to spell it out clearly for the sake of those reading, you and Stark and everyone else in SGC knew we were allied. Our neutrality in the war is the one thing that won you the era because we had more than enough power and activity to take the win for ourselves if we wanted. But instead of a thank you, you and your teammates are here name calling and telling me I’m delusional to trust in an agreement?? That’s really weird.

As I said wrong is wrong. You , Faker, Excel and the rest of that team feel hard done? Shut up and suck it up , move on and be better. End of story. Your crappy whining on the forums isn’t going to give you any bonus points. Those who cheat with spammers, multies and gang banging planters will still cheat no matter what is said here.


Neutron, all I was doing was saying goodbye to the game I once loved, and explaining why. I always try to keep a non-bias perspective in these things, and I believe I have kept that attitude in my recent posts. Neither Excel nor Alfie played, they just have similar feelings. So can you please take your negative ass attitude somewhere else.

If you want to complain about how you were betrayed, please do it on the f3 thread where it belongs. Hope you have a lovely day.


I said this on another forum but ill say it here again. ALLIES are people who you fight with to win the era. If you are not fighting with another alliance, you are NOT allies. You are simply neutral or have a NAP if all you are going to do is sit there and pretend to train new players.

You didnt respond to my edit on my previous post, so again, how are you going to train your “brilliant new recruits” by not killing a single squad all game? Most of your members had under 100 enemy units killed by the time we attacked. They learned absolutely nothing, but you can pretend all you want that you were training them.

And bringing this up shows how much of a child you are maurice. We are talking about cheaters using multis and spammers, and you are talking about a 100% logical stab. I hope we meet in another era soon


My attitude is rather the positive here. I want to encourage you and everyone else too to still stick to their guns in the face of adversity and not simply quit. The only real way to change the community is to show others that there is a better way to playing the game.

I understand your sentiment though.


I’ll pretend to ignore the fact that you believe my own kill stats reflect what went on in our alliance or group skype. If I choose to sit all era, it does not mean I cannot give guidance to others who, if you cared to observe, had way more kills and battles than my stats did because that was exactly what they had planted to do.

I don’t want to keep talking about an era that is done and dusted. I simply brought it up to show that different people can always have different ways to look at an issue, which in this case was stuff that takes players away from BD and kills the community.

Just because someone cheats does not mean others should just come rant and quit this beautiful game.

Best of luck Excel if you ever face me again, you’ll need it.


The only true way to get better at the game is by playing it, and sitting around making units and trying to get the nuke achievement is barely playing. If we play against each other again, plz dont bring any more “brilliant” recruits to slaughter me with :disappointed_relieved:


I’m actually going to mount a throaty defence of my team here. Almost all of the family teams have quit BD now. The sub empires are largely gone. We’ve never been a sub empire. That F3 was one of the first eras we ever had a pre planned sub. Our members and those we have played against can confirm that. We do not cheat, we do not use scummy tactics, we don’t drown people in subs (a la RIP, I see claw seems to be a pretty big fan of your posts), we don’t use spammers. We play fucking clean, actually, and always have.
We keep the forums alive, whether through banter or arguments or whatever, who cares! It’s still forum activity which everyone should appreciate. We haven’t morphed in to some of the big interchangeable groups that seem to win e1 and e2 all the time now.
And we make our eras entertaining. We didn’t win f3 ‘because of you’, we won because we outplayed a bunch of cheaters. Would we have won if you attacked us? Idk, but we would have kept fighting and made it an interesting era because guess what, we’ve dealt with the spammers/gangbangers plenty of times too, you aren’t the only one.
I’m sorry that you think getting stabbed in an era you clearly were doing absolutely nothing in, and your team was literally nuking AI colonies for achievements, is the worst thing is the world and makes us comparable to persistent, game ruining cheaters. That’s a weird view of things
I don’t really care if people don’t like me, or hate sgc, because a hell of a lot of people do. But please do not compare us to PS’s group, have some respect for fellow clean players who help to improve the game through fair and competitive play and have done for years. SGC is one of the last true teams left in BD yet has kept true to its identity for the past several years now of big boosting, big playing, mad shit talking people having fun whilst still dominating eras. All teams should aim to do that


Lmfao grow up and stop spinning this issue into your personal propoganda against SGC and Alfie. It’s pathetic


No personal propaganda bruh. As I clearly stated, I only spoke about f3 to make a point. Learn to rise above your own personal sentiment and see the little reason I spoke through my comments. Why does everything have to be personal ?


I haven’t read the whole thread just recent post so i don’t have full context of what’s going on :v I only liked 2 of his post and 1 of Faker’s xD

I think you guys just backstabbed his team out of boredom but it’s in the past now and doesn’t matter :v


Hi, I am Nanasine. I don’t usually post anything in fourms but I just wanted to say something so

Anyway I have been playing Bd for a long time, started a little over 7 years ago and this was my first serious era after 3 years break, I was enjoying the game even though the player base was much low compared to back then but still there were a few new things was fun to stay awake late just hoping to catch someone offgaurd …anyways the era was fun. We had low power and territory which made it even more fun as I felt that we were the underdogs and would be fun to win it. I dint care of the backstab as it’s part of the game and it even added more thrill. I was pumped and excited and everything was going well porn were slowly moving towards us and there were some losses on our side but still everything was good then the spammers appreared and just took all that excitement away in a tick. Really lost the mood to play anyways it’s over for me too now

Was hoping to play a few eras but now it looks like the winner are already planned before a era has started like some sort of syndicate and if you are not a part of it, you can’t win.

So goodbye, I really feel bad the game has turned out to be, I always enjoyed playing it but this is the last time for me


i think i have to quit this fucking idiot game as well all the big teams when they start losing either call it cheating or say we had newbies in us bla bla all the excuses
i respect all the players in W alliance my bae Faker and others,but i had nothing to do with those spammes even spamming is legal (made)
the thing is having BRO on their side and me not having a fucking support FLUX/SGC hybrid couldnt handle us
they couldnt even handle us 1 vs 1 now they make the excuse cheating spamming all that
even tho i have nothing to do with spamming but you have seen solo worlds and other big teams play dont want to take any names how much spammers appear they get banned and some dont
I even wanted to help BDA by training newbies my application got rejected so i had to do on my own
but TF no respect is left in BD someone starts losing they get their freinds to make some comments throwing dirty shit on others demoralizing others
@Alfie you were saying that i was on almost all era bud whats wrong in me being in all eras atleast i play a lil bit to make it somehow interesting even if i lose im serious or not
i start doing a boat attempt on some world they start fucking me for that what the ■■■■ is wrong with you guys ACTUALLY you are killing the game.
Now you can say all wat you want to and play this game CIAO!!


im here for br not this :expressionless: … smh


Ahh, so the xp farming of new colonies and friends in f3 wasn’t cheating? And that isn’t why you’ve asked multiple people to plant to be xp farmed? And that isn’t why this shit with spammers happens every single time you play? Or why everyone who plays with you has been banned? Or why you have this reputation in the first place?
I wish I believed you were quitting but if you are, good riddance