Mars 1 ERA 67 Discussion


na George does this alot
everytime he decides to fight but finds out he cant win the war or be active enough to fight it he will disband his army and never login so he gets deleted. he invited me to play an e2 and help them win, later when we found out we were about to fight iceman he disbanded his army and threw us all in an unstable situation since he was basically the one who took all conqs and income.


Yeah… it always confuses me when people are shocked by his shenanigans


One time I was about to get conquered at the end of an era so I left my alliance to save 70 odd crystals, got George to conquer me, voted cat as leader and left… but George voted himself leader kept the crystals and rolled on his back to SWAT… and he got a top 10 purely out of my crystals :|||||||


well he does that… always did
some e3 i played , elcent carried us all and decided to settle for a silver . but heyyyy nooo the guy who slept all era all of a sudden boosted some power ,razed a 100 ops ,got a couple of shady conqs and stole the silver… even tho we were on the same team and everyone was fine with giving the sleeper a bronze.
wooo so much for a guy who slept all era till relics were released. this is nothing new from george


FYI u can ask faker the same guy was in mars 2 randomly picked him and he got kiced from there aswell cause he planned to conquer me :slight_smile: ask Faker please dont just start throwing shit if you dont know


i even have proof of him asking in BDA how to conquer ur alliance mate if u move then pull back and he clearly said that gonna do it mars 2 i was lucky that i was in the BDA chat and i caught him he attempted it twice tried to pull off my shield


that was cause of G2 were running some diplo there so had to add him there


lets enjoy the game since its a game of tactics diplomacy and skill (no offence)


Tick 263: Bro have backed off from PORN now known as FLUK after they moved spams into their hive and took all ops in sight and Bro has now gone into 2nd place after either Sasuke leaving or being kicked from W. In the War between FLUK and W, FLUK hasn’t extended out of the middle islands yet as W are holding them back, but for a few ticks now no kills have been confirmed from either side.


UPDATE: As if not having a teammate turn on thier own team after reintroducing him to the family after stabbing him on M2. There are now numerous red fed spammers cropping up all over our hive.

Scummiest team ever


i didnt plant any spammers Jazz and doesnt BRO W vs FLUK sound fair to you?


I’m done. This game isn’t fun for me anymore. I really just wanted to play with a couple of good friends, picked up some newbies, but this era has been ruined for me, the newbs, and my friends.

The new rule system actively rewards scumbag playstyles, and that’s not the battledawn I want to play. When three 0/34 spammers appear in my colony, you know its fucked.

Good luck everyone else, but I didn’t want to just dissapear without a reason like George. I’ve just sacrificed so much of my vacation, sleep, and time in general to a game played by 50 people. I wish everyone the best, but this era has taken it all from me.

Congrats to PS. You convinced my member that you stabbed in M2 to stab us. You also planted 3 spammers, something I refused to let happen to you. I hope you get some sleep and ■■■■ as many goats as your heart desires, im out.


1st of all i would like to say that member stabbed me in mars 2 :slight_smile: i didnt stab him i just gifted him something nice he will never forget
ive got nothing to do with the spammer stuff barely got any support lol


Doesn’t seem like you’re very good at any of those three things PS, lmao, always using ur scummy so called ‘tactics’ to get your wins in game and always have some way to turn these wars around in favor of you. :stuck_out_tongue:


you call your leader scummy my toyyy <3 HAHA




Oh hey look…spammers banned


Well I had refrained from doing things like putting br’s up because the activity was outstanding from most members of both teams, and thought putting up br’s was kinda disrespetful. Even when Bro joined the war, PSs team didn’t give up, and although there’s been some stuff said, I do respect them for that and how the overall played.

I’ll summaries a message I sent to Tom explaining some of the impacts that the 4 Multies had.

So, we had 2 members conquered, both who boosted very little, so all their income has now gone. We had our network destroyed, which is more important than resources sometimes. We had to pull back our armies from the front lines, losing all the ground we had gained during the war. We had 2 members pretty much quit after what had happened, so not only this era, but you’ve lost another 2 fantastic community members. With all these combined, the other members have pretty much thrown in the towel. So all reds, blues, hours, alarm’s, calls, sleepless nights have gone to waste in the face of cheating.

Obviosuly, it isn’t the admins fault. They are just an admin, and a regular person.

So on that note, I say goodbye to a game I once loved. It was game that took many nights from me, but one that also gave back to me, in the form of genuine friends from all over the world. Enjoy the rest of your lives everyone, and I hope life treats you well.


I hope you’re happy PS. May not have seen eye to eye with jazz sometimes but at least he built a respectable team with respectable people to try and keep this game alive, but no go ahead and kill it even more. No fucking respect


This was so depressingly predictable yet is upsetting nonetheless. I don’t think anyone is surprised by what happened here. You’d think maybe they’d tone down the cheating since PS was actually a flux member but… nah. Or maybe because they already had a 300 power le-… nah.
And of course we all know the exact same shit will happen next time, PS will deny it’s him, bans will come and then he’ll try and blame the other team. I wonder how many more honest people will end up leaving the game over this
Oh well, we love a game with what… 4 regular teams? Fun shit