Mars 1 ERA 67 Discussion


Buddy, we won last M1.

And I assure you, we have 0 allies for that entire era.
And we had an alliance plant on top of us, and another backstab us.

You’re just talking out your ass.


I guess it’s the same guys playing every era’s now a days



1 era, no prob.
Every era?


Yeah ofcourse- you didn’t even have a sub lmao
And all other alliances which came top 3 were filled with strangers(who you never warred)
And you were the only ones betrayed
The 3 statements about right?
Incidentally i was on the world too so am not talking out of my ass.Stop lying on the forum to Preserve your already blustered image.


Oh you got me, we had a sub that contributed nothing to the wars.

And yes, they were filled with strangers. I knew 3/16 players who got 2nd and 3rd.

I’m sure we weren’t the only ones betrayed. But you were arguing that ‘no one dares to attack a training alliance’

So yes, you’re speaking out your ass. You clearly have no clue what went on that era.


I didn’t say " No one attacks a training alliance"
Go reread that statement- The word “Respectable” was also there.

And also i think towards the end of the era you were deliberating whether or not to stab the rank 2 alliance but didnt cuz of friends- Some info i got of one of your friends.So yeah complete strangers…

Lets finish this derailment of the topic.I am done here if you feel BDA is doing exactly what it says it does.


I’d say the two teams who attacked us are respectable, a good deal of their players are anyway. But you wouldn’t know who they were since you didn’t really pay attention did you.

I did not deliberate on whether or not to stab the rank 2 alliance, some members may have, but I did not. Their leader was the only person I knew, and I had made an agreement with them if they stayed neutral in the wars, we would not attack them.
Are you saying I should just kill everyone? Teach noobs to break their word at every opportunity?

You clearly have no clue whats going on because I actually agree with you, I don’t feel the BDA is doing exactly what it says it does, I am resigning to do my own thing. But you wouldn’t know that since again, you’re talking out your ass.


Did I…? Last time I played against him in e3 he got crushed, not sure why I’d be bitching there


I think he meant you saying that in F3 thread, but I mean


Update : George quits gets trapped (6 squads) disbands them we attack his 9 squads he disbands them too


Quite ironic isn’t it that Alfie who blamed me for politicising the BDA by being backstabbed by W is now praising the other BDA for offensively entering the war on W’s side.


Yes, because not wishing to hand PORN the win is very politically charged.


I didn’t praise it at all, I pointed out the irony of PS whining about fighting multiple teams


i think he blamed you because you politicized being backstabbed and saying it was only a BDA team so you should have some sort of immunity.


Handing PORN the win…yes good excuse to help friends. Power difference btwn PORN and W only 100ish. War only been going on for a couple of days. Bros was catching up on both before the war. Bros had the opportunity to push borders and snipe more conquers as Porn and W fought. But sure good excuse to enter this war to help your friends. Alfie you may not have mentioned it but you also did not condone it.


No not at all. I never asked for immunity. Bros alliance offered immunity to me if I told Jazz I was part of BDA. I denied such immunity. I don’t want BDA alliances being given privileges because we could field 2 alliances to fight Jazz.


@Jazz battledawn is a game of tactics diplomacy and skill.


I just want to say that the only reason Bros are in this war is that George pushed for it, and then he went and disbanded his whole army for no reason and is nowhere to be seen. PS’s guys literally stood no chance of killing anything other than armour as they suicided into the locked squads, and the 9 squads were disbanded before the attacks even came out.

I’m just pissed George has done this tbh, really fucks things up for everyone else in the team, mentors and noobs alike.


I’ve played with George before. Never seen anything like this ever. Something must have happened. Sucks, but we still fighting with BRO. We got this!


Is there a suggestion of a betrayal?

Really not like George to do such stuff though…