Mars 1 ERA 67 Discussion


Are you farming your friends again?


Tick 206: Bro alliance has been catching W up in score at a very rapid pace. The war between W and Merc against PORN rages on, with many brs being shared from PS on the PORN side whilst i have not seen a br of PORN members being killed as of yet, maybe they are hiding them. Not much territory has been gained by any side it seems, but kills have been made which is good for the PORN side. It seems as if YiYa are rising up against W aswell as 1 kill by them has been made. Pretty exciting era from the looks of it. :smiley:


whatsup snake ? (20 chars)


You didn’t answer the question though :confused:



Hi,i’m just saying that i beggined to play BD and live at Mars 1.
Now i’m going to show this:

Tick 222,you alredy see the small difference.


Update: Tick 225, Bro have moved squads into Porn territory and Porn have retaliated by spamming their ops


thats what (them) do when they cant handle 1 vs 1 pityy


message from a guy of W alliance right after BRO starts moving squads on our island means it was all preplanned
they cant handle it solo so taking so called BDA’s help
Nice lesson you (BDA) guys are giving to newbies :slight_smile:keep going.


Battledawn is a game of tactics, diplomacy, and skill.


It’s a bit rich you’re bitching about people having allies in game isn’t it?


How many allies did you have in f 3?


i just had a one random sub that they killed in the start


Alfie, someone else bitching about it is fine i guess?
No one has exactly replied to the point he was making.
What exactly are you teaching the “Noobs” ? Team up and win?


Nah the point he’s making is don’t be a hypocrite. I’ve yet to see PS not have at least 1 sub or brother alliance or whatever he’d like to call it in an era.


ive got a very big Fam bud if i want to i can plant alot teams :slight_smile: and yea era aint over yet lets see how it goes its a game lets enjoy it u got a support its cool bring it on


The problem is not having subs or family alliances if they are completely independent alliances.

The BDA and Group of friends Use the sanctity of being a “training alliance” to avoid wars, i mean no honorable alliance would attack a training one.But instead they just keep teaming up with the same group of guys and keep winning the eras.
No one “learns” anything.

What the BDA should do is team up with new teams every alternate era, or go completely independent.Why cant they teach the “noobs” to go for an actual win???


Also about the being hypocrite thing.
I think i read alfie complaining on forum about E3 a few weeks back about some burner or something guys stabbing him.
Here he says- “everyone stabs”
Man this comment shall remain with us for eternity.


Imagine thinking an in game alliance against the biggest threat means teaming up and not going for the win…


6 squads of George LD and damaged BR coming.
EDIT :: George disbands his 60 TANKs