Mars 1 ERA 67 Discussion


“I thought it was just yesterday people were laughing about how players are winning easy af eras without competition.”


  1. None of the noobs in your alliance had played in BDA alliances before.
  2. I didn’t tell your team it was game over, they’re experienced players, they realised it themselves. I was just saving the only noob you had from not getting the most out of his first BDA era.


They are however they’re really just AI colonies at this point. Think I saw them send out 1 squad the other day! Amazing


Yeh, i believe you tbh


tangos down tangos down Tangos spotted xD


can you idiots stop this tango down crap its so lame


its a game buddy what is wrong with you?


Damn, they lost a 4th of thier armies. Ive killed 4 full squads of your spams :stuck_out_tongue: Thats about they same as that death


Take that middle fight PS, I know you want to


doesnt look like in the stats lmfao
ready to kill those as well (devil)


Bish check my stats, better than your whole team combined


10 squads in that br. 4 spam squads killed…not exactly even?


7, so not quite I guess. The inf is just spam squads


my guys stats :slight_smile: better than your whole team :slight_smile:


He sent 60 units to that fight, not actual stats.


Soooooooooooooooooooooon (20 chars lol)


Plus all his battles won are his conquer whoring


Fair enough if it was all spam squads. If idk is a mentee, should mention to him that spamming range isn’t the best move. If you are going to do that, should treat them as real squads and not lose them in such a fashion.


Yeah, those newer members in our team are certainly learning a lot from this era, which is fantastic. One however did say that he “values his sleep as its key to a good wellbeing”, I don’t think he quite understood what he was getting himself into :rofl: