Mars 1 ERA 67 Discussion


we boo cheater huh and what should we call you?
boo backstabbers who cant win without stabbing lol
learn to respect others i dont have anything personal with or against you


Tick 174: About 24 ticks into the war, YiYa has been wiped out after a stabbing by W after agreeing for a nap till tick 500, Bro is still neutral in the war for now and has just spent its time, taking the remaining conquers from YiYa. From looking at the alliance map, it is clear from the spots that Porn have been extending into W territory and taking their ops as they go, but no kills have been made as of yet from any side.


G, there was honestly no way I knew that you were even playing M1. I genuinely thought you were God YinYang dude. Furtheremore, I respect the fact your teaching newbies, I even took a BDA player onto my team this era, but your team had every player with more than 30 achievements. There was no way to tell.

I dont like to kill BDA teams, because it ruins the game generally for new players.


This era looks very alive , spotted some good old folks on the map active/JW.

and nice going updates.

and about BDA , i love what u guys do , but about 2-3 BDA alliances teamingup to take on whoever is going for win so that BDA players can taste victory , i mean i know u all mentors love your noobs cause you all help them grow from a small noob kid to a mature player and want the best for them and see them win , but i am pretty sure all it will give them a very small boost but also a risk of creating a family alliance mentality and always going for the win with 2-3 subs , i have been there and done that and trust me most of them will only spent all their BD life being a “Helper” and nothing more , maybe occasionaly filling a spot in main.

Even the guy who taught me this game Kodak , he took me to M1 and F1 era with no allies and we would just be solo fighting teams with nothing less than win , yeah loses come. But tell u what in all my BD life i have learnd more from the eras i lost than the era i won , tried and lost and not the ones where i just gaveup and lost . Another Great Mentor Malice , learned from him too but not like he taught me but by fighting him, and he would also go mostly solo on eras with only victory for him team and even trolled his own noobs on occasions to test them.

So if u want your bird to fly, instead of buying him a pair of jetpacks and getting other birds to escort him for security , just let him fly after u have trained him, he will fall but will eventually learn.

Goodluck for the era

and if u think whatever i wrote is BS dont care to reply its not worth your time :slight_smile:



A couple of things. To Zel: I don’t believe that an era is over for a team because it get’s conquered at tick 168. My nubs were aware of this and only one decided he wanted to leave to join Bros(he offered to come back but I let him go).

To Jazz: I appreciate you being one of the few that enjoys taking in newer players and giving them a chance however as SS also put it, I did not want BDA to become a family or “subs” during eras. So I wanted to avoid war via in game diplomacy and not through the threat of alliances having to fight 2 AA’s. Obviously we got stabbed so my diplomacy failed. Sucks but we’ll live with it. Regarding my team having achievements, yeah the newer dudes that fell into my lap in BDA all seem to have some experience but they were BDA mentees and all definitely require some mentoring. P.s. I didn’t check their achievements before they joined.

We had a few br’s the second one I’m pretty happy about since it was a mentee with a spy.

The first one was basically a suicide due to Roi feeling like the era would be over(Bros had mentioned maybe helping W)



Hmm i dont know much but W needs to step up its tactics…
It lost over 200 units right there and PORN hasn’t even started yet…


To be fair these are very minor losses…they do have the income to build right back. Also who knows if 1 of the players killed was the said BDA mentee. You can trust SGC/Flux to be tenacious and not fold so look forward to a long war PORN.


No BDA alliances have teamed up this era, and with regards to my eras so far, no BDA alliances have teamed up to go for the win. The only win so far was last M1, which had 1 BDA mentoring team.


Unfortunately you are correct in this, but he’ll learn from his losses that sleeping on the front lines is never a good idea.


Tick 195


How on Earth can PORN get away with those names but when @The_Stranger planted as Sasha Grey a couple years ago he almost got banned? What is BD?


Yeh ikr, dunno how theo can allow this


Thanks for fighting around me so that I can see it on my radar coverage, saves me some energy :smiley:

Also I have to say from checking the era out, YiYa is the most OP newbie training team I’ve ever seen. 3 at 34 achievements, 1 at 33 achievements, 3 at 31 achievements and 1 at 30 achievements. I can see why Jazz would try to kill an alliance like that before it had a chance to grow. That’s more achievements than either PORN or W players have and by quite a margin too.

Anyway, did W just lose some power or is my memory fooling me and was their power always this low?

Edit: Seems Merc is with W? Or against PORN, at least?


Yep MERC is with W, and i don’t think they lost any power, they lost some like 15 ticks ago if that’s what you’re talking about.

And i love how you are just sitting in the middle of the main battle area, it’s amazing.


Interesting :thinking: @Gaurav I hope your noobs are enjoying this era !


I think we maybe lost a bit of power when our new player lost like 4 squads sleeping on the front lines, but since then I’ve been confined to 2 hours at a time of sleep twice daily, and we are holding the front rn. No major loses for either team yet.


YiYa had 4 inexperienced players at the start of this era. 2 of them had some experience recently playing with either BDA in a prior era. 1 of the 4 went inactive early on and was in the process of being replaced. The second was poached by Jamie 3 hours into the start of the war as he told my team that it was game over and we should quit. 3 hours into a single tick era war.

Now I’ve definitely replaced those 2 with some more experienced memebers. So mentee count 2, experienced player count 6. P.s. since when has achievments been a sign of a good player, I thought it was just yesterday people were laughing about how players are winning easy af eras without competition.


Noob! U played with them dont act if u dont know anything.


‘Played’ is the main word in that sentence