Mars 1 ERA 67 Discussion


Clarification, YiYa were stabbed by W. There was a nap until tick 500 but as everyone can see, Jazz got greedy and attacked early. It’s nothing new for him or some in his team, but hey when you are a team trying to teach, you have to just hope that the alliance around you going ftw keeps their word. Alas that did not happen.

YiYa were given a possible out of the war if we accepted that we were a BDA (BRO) sub however I am not one to teach my mentees that they should quit at the first sign of war or to avoid war by subbing to another alliance essentially.

Porn vs W should be a fun war to watch while YiYa rebuilds.


Will YiYa continue to spam and annoy W as much as they can?


Idk about all of that. Death gives us a fresh start


True, you guys could watch for a bit


If you are an alliance trying to teach, perhaps you should tell people rather than deliberately hiding it in an obvious effort to provoke a war. Quit politicising the BDA because of your dumb agenda and put the focus on helping people who want to learn the game.

Anyway, I requested to be replaced in W because as I mentioned before this era isn’t what I signed up for, I needed a bit of a recovery from F3 and I didn’t want to be a liability for my team, which is what would’ve happened had I stayed and the thought of which disgusts me. Good luck to everyone involved!


I told Jazz I was teaching players. Every BC of mine was about recruiting new players/semi experienced. It was obvious to everyone that YiYa was a teaching alliance. I am not of the mindset that BDA should teach players to sub for each other or become “bro” alliances, something that I thought you also agreed with having read your posts on the E3 topic. I had a nap with W, I had a nap with Porn. I was obviously friendly with Bros. Nothing I did was to provoke a war. W broke our nap and stabbed us to start the war.

I don’t get in what logic you can blame for getting stabbed by Jazz and yourself. It’s nothing new for you two, and something that’s been readily admitted. Yall stab when you need to. If you would of not fought Bros due to your friendship with some mentors, is that not politicizing the BDA also?


You just said it yourself. If we knew you were aligned with the BDA, we clearly would not have attacked. I was not paying enough attention to the era to read all of your BCs, but I didn’t know and neither did all my team, unless they all faked a reaction when I told them. I guess I should believe you over all of them huh

The difference is that I’m not in the BDA, Gaurav. I’m not a ‘mentor’. I’m outside of it and have never seen it as much more than a few jumped up vets who don’t have the best interests of new players in mind, and are just looking to scum free blues or recruit new blood for their own teams. This era has reinforced that view of mine… or at least of you. I wish Jamie the best of luck in his efforts to continue helping new players outside of the BDA


Why would my team have had to have a “BDA” tag to get the same treatment as any other tagged team training new players. You weren’t paying attention, we get that. Your leader though should have been and had messages from me talking about training. It is not my fault you nor some of your team didn’t pay attention. Secondly, none of this excuses the fact that you guys BACKSTABBED and broke a nap to declare war on us. So trying to blame me for this war is ridiculous.

You are not a mentor but being friends with mentors causing you to not want to fight them and hoping to leverage that against enemies is exactly politicizing the BDA. I on the other hand since before the era started, asked for both BDA alliances to play for the win and do the best diplo we could to make that happen. If I wanted to scum free blues, I would of done exactly what you wanted and became a sub to Bros. You have a former BDA mentee in your team. The whole goal of BDA is for players to learn and then be able to find teams outside of the BDA so they can play seriously ftw. All this era has reinforced is that some players believe that they should battlehug with their friends and that if they lose a war at tick 168, they should quit the game. I know which side of the argument I am on those 2 opinions. What about you?


Everyone backstabs, and anybody who says they don’t is lying. I had literally no involvement here; by the time I moved my army off my colony a few hours ago I asked Jazz to replace me.

I’m sure Johnny and Mr O could use some training but it’s a bit harsh to call them ‘new players’, isn’t it?

And wanting to work with friends isn’t ‘battle hugging’. There is a clear difference between ‘battle hugging’ and what I was rallying against on the e3 board, and using in game diplo to try and secure BRO’s help. The two BDA teams clearly had very different intentions for the era. Oh well, maybe I should’ve just done your trick and narrated the era in a biased fashion on the forums whilst pretending I’m not playing myself.

Anyway, I always say any conversation is good conversation as it keeps the forums alive (and usually the more salt the better) but let’s not derail the topic further. We both know where we stand on each other and I’m not even playing so let’s just respect each other as people and move on. I’m sure PS will appear soon to accuse me of being scared to fight him for dropping the era anyway


what makes you think Gaurav was playing serious?
putting up lame excuses is actually dumb Alfie
in the end your say “Everyone stabs” GG :slight_smile:


Mr. O joined literally a few ticks ago. Johnny obviously isn’t a newb. I take what I can get. I was only able to get 4 newer or inexperienced players via recruiting and to fill up the team I took in a few experienced. The 2 BDA teams wanted either one to win and for both to succeed. YiYa was unlucky in that Flux/SGC planted right on top of them. Regardless I did diplo with all teams as so BDA would have the best chance to win. To put it all out there, we hoped W and Porn would wreck each other enough that after tick 500, we could hit either the winner or both teams.

Also yes I agree activity on the forums is great so I do enjoy posting on forum topics even when I may not want to reveal I am playing. If I have a side I am supporting then ofcourse I will post propaganda for that. On eras where I have no care of a victor, I post in a neutral fashion.

I’m no fan of Ps and his gang. They have cheated in so many eras its a surprise they continue to play. Alas they are here and so is Jazz. Let the best team win and pray no red smoke occurs. P.s.there was no diplo to secure it Bros help. It was literally Bros doesnt like ps and doesn’t want them to won. W has a former bda member in Toap and a friend in Alfie so we will help them. I much prefer my method of wanting to teach players to go for the win vs help another team win.


please don’t make a stereotype buddy
just because most of the people you know ,“stab” that doesn’t mean everybody else does too.


I feel like a couple points Gaurav made haven’t been addressed, and this isn’t to try to create an argument, but to make a clarification about the situation.

Yiya wasn’t asked to become a sub, it was simply asked to allow me to reveal who they are.
It’s pretty dogmatic to call this subbing, I am certain that everyone commenting has, at one point or another, refrained from killing a friend on BD, despite it probably being in their best interests on that world. After all, this is quite a social game, which leads me to the second point.

W is an example of a team that has taken in a BDA player. The BDA needs to take any steps it can to facilitate and support teams that are taking in their noobs, rather than allowing conflicts to happen with those teams due to stubbornness or ideals.

What I had in mind for the BDA was an institution that worked with those kinds of teams, had relationships with those kinds of players, and it’s one of the reasons I don’t think my goals as a mentor will succeed within the BDA. If the administration of the BDA is unwilling to drop their dogmatic perspective on mentoring, then personally I don’t see how it can hope to help players gain any mobility into serious teams.

Just to ensure no one mistakes what I mean by facilitate teams that take in BDA noobs, I simply mean avoid conflict, and give them the benefit of the doubt where possible. I’m not suggesting the BDA become a sub empire, merely act in the interests of the players learning under it.


See that is where the whole topic of politicization comes in. BDA should not be used as just another “bro” alliance for mentors to help their friends. So avoiding wars based on relationships outside of that current era is problematic in my mind. Imo, BDA should be doing their best to go for the win when they can. Even if that means fighting friends and former BDA mentees.

If you don’t do that, and under your strategy of mentorship. All you are doing is training up new players to fill future alliances of your friends. The purpose in my mind should be for a player to learn the basics, learn more advanced strategies, and feel comfortable enough to be able to play outside of BDA and without BDA holding their hand once they graduate.

Though we have differing opinions, I do appreciate you doing anything to help new players. This game hasn’t been very large community wise for some time now, so any player that is retained in whichever fashion should be encouraged.


G has a good point, you learn this game by playing intense wars. Most good players share the same mindset.


Most successful AANC graduates benefitted from filling future alliances with their mentors friends, they grew their network by having an easy route into competitive teams, until they were able to stand on their own two feet.

This is the first new player I know of that has entered the BDA new, and managed to find a serious team outside of it. And the BDA is the reason his first era is at risk.

If you want to be both the teacher and the enemy, then fair enough, but somehow I doubt that’s going to work.


At risk of what? Losing? There will be plenty of future era’s for the player to compete in. Heck what’s to say he can’t win this era? Point should be that once a player is picked up into a non BDA alliance, their relationship with the BDA should not affect the way an era may play out for the rest of the mentees still in BDA.

AANC graduates met people they liked playing with either via the system alliances or enemy alliances outside of it. It was not always AANC players joining future mentor teams. The system lacked mentors and structure but for those lucky players that were able to play a fun round, it definitely worked to keep them engaged and keep playing this game however they wished to.

Last post I’ll make here on this topic, it’s definitely way off topic now regarding this M1 era and I realize that. I think we both also realize that we differ greatly in this mindset and most likely won’t be changing our opinions.


Lot’s of good points, but yes let’s keep it to BR’s of me killing PS :slight_smile:


and BR’s of me killing Faker :smiley:


It’s a good mindset to have for the BDA sure, but if this is how you see it why did you let your team die before tick 200? I mean yes it’s a long era but in my eyes it defeats the purpose of having players learn. They didn’t have an intense war, Jazz’s team just mopped you up. If anything I think that would discourage people so I really can’t understand why you didn’t just put your hand up and say “we’re a BDA team, let me teach my noobs” and then you could have arranged a fight where they could actually learn with either Jamie’s team or whoever comes out on top on M1 (hopefully Jazz’s team or even BDA, boo cheaters)

Anyway that’s the only issue as a mentor I had, and I’m frustrated at this because Jamie has resigned as a result, and honestly that man has put 10x the amount of effort than any other mentor has, including myself.