Mars 1 ERA 67 Discussion


Hey guys, The era looks good having 3 big teams going FTW.

Top Alliance Territories Tick 117

Top Teams

Top Players

W leader broadcasted

Porn leader response

Get ur popcorns ready boys… :wink:


if it was Joes world those names would be changed by now


m1 is theo’s world right?


Yep, names should be changed tho


I’ve seen ‘porn’ tags before also, it wasnt changed for the entire era and they won lol(some fantasy era i think)


Oh yeh think I saw that too, on f2 I think, still should be changed, both were Theo eras I think


At tick 150 everything seems clam at the moment. The 3 main teams Bro, PORN and W seem to have all established their territories with threats coming in broadcast not allowing each other into others territories. From my point of view nobody has the other alliance friendly or hostile because looking at this screen shows no networking in other territories so we have to wait and see what happens in the future in regards to warring and networks.

The alliance rankings now are

PORN = 7900 score
W = 6350 score
Bro = 5190 score
YiYa = 2890 score
W2 = 2470 score

So the PORN alliance seemed to have pulled a bit ahead but looking at the screenshot W have a bit more ground to get colonies to conquer on, so they could catch up on the PORN alliance in score soon enough. Out of those 3 top alliances Bro seem to have the least amount of ground but are for sure still a big threat to others.

UPDATE: Tick 152, Bro player Wolves has been banned for some reason and W has started war on YiYa


Just to update everything. W attacked YIYA and then PORN started attacks against W the next tick. PORN is PS and various others. W is FLux/SGC hybrid. BRO is BDA.

Should be fun


will be fun as long as no one takes the era personal and plays it for fun :slight_smile:


Sounds like a fun era to watch


Im actually excited, at the end of the day PS is still a flux member and so is George in the BDA. Happy for anyone.


Era sounds fun, pity i’m not serious


Yeah well neither am I and I’m in W :grimacing:


Why aren’t you when you’re in W?


Jazz lied to me :rage:


About what? Did he say that you weren’t playing serious?


I promised him a relaxed start :joy:


From the looks of the boosting and wars already, that promise hasn’t stuck lmao


Update: W have easily killed YiYa and destroyed their network, PORN have started to push. Bro are not involved.