Mars 1 Era 59 | FLUX 5-peat?


Hey man I said my CE1 was shit, we didn’t know what we were doing tbh.


Yeah CE1 was terrible for you. Not sure you and ice even joined together, spent tokens, just to suicide a day into the first real war you guys started


Seriously what the hell happened greeny :stuck_out_tongue: we got pooped on it was LT, Ice, Pete and crap yet we pooped it up


Greeny has always been terrible though. Why are you surprised Dark?


We just made a really bad choice starting off.


The bad choice was following Greeny’s leadership


I’d do it again :stuck_out_tongue:


Just a quick update, Feitan has made a name change.


Feidiot and whoro, top quality banter this era


You and Feitan are very intelligent human beings, i very much enjoy reading everything you write as i am a big fan of you both. Tell me, how big is your single-digit IQ mister zealot? <3


Twenty one. :slight_smile:


top quality bants :wink:


I think we should all secretly plant on M1 and make an uprise on them :imp:
Or just call Feifei fat and watch him rage. Either or.


no please don’t, just go sit quietly somewhere else


Come at me josh!! <3


Update: Horo has just left flux.


Probably shuffling ranks or prolonging era or something


While taking all her OPs? I don’t think so bud.


So Horo was stabbed by Flux?


I heard she raged quit 20 ticks till havoc. At least thats what Feitan said.