Mars 1 Era 59 | FLUX 5-peat?


Woah chill out guys :smile:


Take the battle to the game


Don’t tell darky what to do if Jazz can’t take the heat get outta the oven.


Yo I don’t even know this clow. Honestly don’t know why his talking about me. His ego is too much


Losers, can’t fight on the battlefield so you came to fight over messages. How dumb.

I never played with Flux before and god forbid i play another era with that noob Shy Ronnie, love that guy, but i don’t need to win 8 times to tell you’re bad coqui. Feitan suck3d your sausage once and you offered him all your conquers lol

You’ve talked about your 4 menbers well you’ve done nothing impressive this era. You think moving eta 2 every time you get attacked or get trapped and lose squads when you attack makes you good? Is that how SoL used to play because if it was then let me tell you that your competition back then was as good as AI colonies.


Who is that Ronnie? Is he Ron Swanson? cause that Ron Swanson dude is awesome, don’t know why you wouldn’t play with him again.


Ron Swanson is my iddle both ingame and out


It must be hungry. LOL


how else would you describe that ?


her point is you do :joy:

state your argument pls:

(i’d like to see this debate on sucking sausages continue)


whats wrong with sucking dick?


I got late to the party! I would have loved to play against my fellow Puerto Rican. See how da best :slight_smile:


Only if you help me :smiley:


Lets stop derailing guys and no greeny mine is taken


LAMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE btw Flux is a joke. Jazz makes it a joke LOL



are you really taking Milan’s words seriously? shows how bright you are


Hes always upset I was never a fan of his.

and I am a bad player so if you lose to me you must be dog shit.


Oh Jazz,

I can message Milans too.


Lies! You didn’t build a good team in CE1 greeny!! You tried to kill me as I was running away from BEER across GL :unamused: My r5 made it out though :imp: