Mars 1 Era 59 | FLUX 5-peat?


How do you go from 4+ to 12+? And btw, this would be the 5th era in a row so even if you did win 8 in a row (which can’t be found in th hof, kind of convenient right?) FLUX would only need 3 more after the curent one.

Also, don’t get so hyped about the 4 vs 12 thingy cause FLUX is kind of just chillin this era, few members are actually active in the war and you know this so it’s not so uneven. War took so long mainly because FLUX was stabbed when they were already very close to your colonies by a team in the other side of the world and they had to split, this made them lose a lot of ground which couldn’t be retaken until the team that stabbed was killed.


@The_Stranger (the manipulator) where did the screenshots go mate? Was keen on seeing a few more :confused:


wait, if you guys’ team isn’t fully(mostly) active then why play at all?

people keep saying well if only my team was active and what not. sure if it was 1 or 2 that were inactive it makes sense but to say more than half of your team is inactive isn’t an excuse, it’s like intentionally being bad. why bring in players who won’t play. and to the players, why play if you won’t be active… it literally makes no sense.


Well, more than half of our team sucks too you know, i can tell you right now if Jazz kicked 8 people we’d still be winning against you in that 4v4. If you’d like to see the BRs of everyone i slaughtered with the help of the other 3 then please private message me (i think i’m over, way over the 60 full squads killed mark) but don’t you ever presume to be better than us Coquidactylus, both our teams are trash but our best players are better than your best players.

You remind me of an old team i will not name that was going for the 10th consecutive win that i trashed just for the fun of it. Your crumbling SoL and your ageing players remind me precisely of that team, arrogant little people that think they’re better than everyone else because they had a golden age.

See, we’re winners and you’re losers. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just how the world is and you got to accept that. :kissing_heart:

Your time has passed Coquidactylus. Welcome to Mars-1, where Jazz is GOD. :smiling_imp:


So what you are trying to say is Trash vs Trash and better trash won ?? :expressionless:


Apparently SoL’s planned team was diff , but og members pulled out. It would have been a great era then.


Im not saying who its trash or who its best i cant tell who its better because you guys havent figth a real alliance in m1 so the tittle of m1 gods i dont think it fits to you guys! As for SoL even feitan and george can vouch for SoL accomplishments in m1 feitan played in thise times and played for HaHa if im not wrong and george was part of SoLe but yeah since george got so many medals aparently he forgot where he came from! There are many players that still play that can vouch for SoL!

Plus RtD its not SoL if i were to play by SoL name i wouldnt be using difrent alliance name i dont hidde for just in case i lose i can say i we werent playing serious! So if i go as SoL first i would need to have atlease 6 players that are originals but noone plays anymore just me and Kratos! We just planted this era to see how great was this flux alliance but its a waste of time cuz its not the real flux so why bother playing i like to earn wins not to have free wins we took out many of the bigges alliances around and earned our spot as m1 gods we showed up 5 more times after out 8 consevutive wins were stoped by senatus and won but those where free cuz the big alliances didnt show up the 5 time we show up to stop DG consecutive wins we lose but they disbaned after that! You guys can call yourself anything you guys want but m1 gods i dont think so

This its what it is m1 rankings

1)SoL 8 peat +4 = 12
2)CME 7 peat
3)HaHa 6+ wins
4)Flux 4 peat going to 5
5)Bmac 4 wins
6)SYN 4 peat

From all this alliances you guys are the onlyones that have won freely so semi~gods you guys can have and just for ranking not performance


It’s cause i carired those noobs


OG Sol would prolly beat flux tbh , you guys should come vs my family team tht would be fire


That wont happen only me from SoL left lol Ourania, junche, michael, mirage, bavatt, toma, celene, KJ, Nadia, Nero, sayan, etc etc are all gone for good now! Only me and darky left and kratos but he will be gone again


Thats a shame ;L was looking forward to sol’s return


IDK about freely, we only had one truly free era, against Anish. The others were not easy wins.


No worries you’ll have the best SoL you ever had now :wink: with Darky and I none can stop you.


I think I shat on darky the first m1?


But you’ve never shat on us both at the same time :D, If you want we can show you what no sleeps feels like.


who tf are you mate?


Guess you’ll find out “mate”


I can ask the same, who tf are you? do I know you?


yeah was that your CENSORED I beat first era fighting against FNF? or just some other degenerate troll with a similarly shitty name


FNF? Never played with em that I can remember. Oh man you are hilarious, Jazz? What an original shitty name.