Mars 1 Era 59 | FLUX 5-peat?


With Howard Hughes joining Flux, BEAR have been pushed to their colonies, with seemingly no hope of recovering. Will RtD make the push to give BEAR some relief, or will BEAR go silently into the night?

Tick 268


Dang, wish they stayed fighting longer. Why didn’t RtD help? I don’t think they can handle flux solo. Imo


this was a pretty boring era to watch. nothing happened. same as previous one. 0 competition.


All Thanks to 3Ms (Milan, Malice, Mirage)
Milan and Malice Fkedup TLA pretty Bad on E1 and TLA started defending stuff and was never able to showup on M1
Mirage went missing 3 days before the era was supposed to start which lead to conqui disbanding SoL, Apollo , Niracas , emo pulled out, and now FLUX , BEAR and RTD all have players that were supposed to be with SoL , Noone has heard from mirage since then , hope he is good irl.

Could have been such a good era to just watch. I Just totally gave all the info needed to buildup a solid era and tried hard to bring M1 back to its glory days , but seems it all failed , sorry everyone for hyping it soo much and it didnt turnout that good :frowning:


Era isnt over yet, but as rank 1 team is a very noob one we shouldnt expect much more than what we have seen so far.


well it’s pretty much over. I think RtD should have helped Bear fight FLUX but now it’s too late. Flux is in RtD’s territory and with a power gap of 700 at tick 325. they have even if they lost badly they have the means to quickly recover and get back up and even if RtD performed well and held them at bay, they have plenty of resources coming every tick that RTD wouldn’t be able to keep up. (they own 2/3 of the world.)but that’s not likely to happen. and rank 3 and below are much too weak to do anything.

So i think it’s ok to declare the era is over…


Never say never. Dedication, teamwork and coordination can turn anything around. When war started with TLA, they had nearly an entire 1000 power gap between my team and theirs. Activity, coordination, and some planning will beat power any day. It really comes down to how much a team wants it. If you’re not willing to sacrifice anything (some sleep, some going out, etc.) then don’t complain when you lose against someone who is doing those things.


You forget that your team didn’t really win that war. You had Milan, arguably the GOAT, doing most of the work.


Yes, Milan no doubt did a HUGE amount, but even he couldn’t have done it alone. Otherwise, he would have done it alone before my team was involved. It was an overall team effort with Milan being the powerhouse behind it.

But even if we look outside of E1 as an example, I’ve beaten teams with 3x my power before. Teamwork and coordination go a long way. Even if your entire team only has 5 squads each, if you play it right, you suddenly have a 50 squad attack. Taking a more realistic approach with more squads and you easily have couple hundred squads able to fly from even an average team. The issue is, most don’t bother coordinating anymore. I used to have teams where I got angry for anything less than 7 people coordinating together. Now, I’m happy to get 3 because overall, teams don’t coordinate anymore. Everyone tries to solo.


Thats fair, if you look at Niracas on e1, he managed to plant late build up and start wrecking.

sad I missed another great e1


Well, you can watch Milan kill the whole world next :joy: He just stabbed (which honestly, we all saw coming) :joy:


well obviously, will you fight back :stuck_out_tongue:


actually, I’m tempted not to. Milan will be more mad about feeling he didn’t earn a BoAT than anything else :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


do it do it do it. just do it


Trolling Josh engage :slight_smile:


well thats’ true. but i literally see no opposition at this point on RtD’s side. flux has just invaded their space and they are just taking stuff…


Here are the RTD moron awards:

[07:55:34] George: ?
[07:58:21] Salman Ghazan aka Cute guy: Want to talk to u something bout
[08:07:13] George: Who are you?
[08:07:23] George: Your name is quite familiar
[08:07:33] George: I think I remember you
[08:07:35] Salman Ghazan aka Cute guy: Strange u dont remember me lol
[08:07:51] George: Not really, I think I do
[08:08:08] Salman Ghazan aka Cute guy: Am venom’s brother … we played in RoFL togather for a couple eras
[08:08:09] George: You know this man?
[08:08:18] Salman Ghazan aka Cute guy: Yes hes my brother
[08:08:18] George: Oh!
[08:08:20] George: You’re his brother!
[08:08:28] Salman Ghazan aka Cute guy: Yep
[08:08:37] George: He’s a good friend
[08:08:52] George: What did you want to talk to me about
[08:09:04] Salman Ghazan aka Cute guy: Ik
[08:09:20] Salman Ghazan aka Cute guy: Look … this m1 is bullshit tbh
[08:10:03] Salman Ghazan aka Cute guy: Neither u guys taking the war serously (this is what it seems like) and nor our guys
[08:10:35] George: No, it’s your alliance
[08:10:46] George: We’ve never had inactivity issues
[08:11:03] George: We’re simply dealing with the people your alliance’s allies here and there
[08:11:45] George: We’ve countered almost every attempt from your alliance to move into our hive successfully, we lost some units yes, but you gave us outposts
[08:12:05] George: Defending is easier than attacking in battledawn, we’ve been stalling you, and I’ve never been off not to do it
[08:12:11] George: But yes, continue
[08:12:28] Salman Ghazan aka Cute guy: So
[08:12:38] Salman Ghazan aka Cute guy: I agree with all ur points
[08:13:15] Salman Ghazan aka Cute guy: But if u guys want to keep dancing with us all era … it would be just a waste of time
[08:13:29] George: I don’t get you
[08:13:32] George: What’s wrong in dancing?
[08:13:59] Salman Ghazan aka Cute guy: Its a 1 ticker … i get irritated :stuck_out_tongue:
[08:14:07] George: Your problem.
[08:14:21] George: I don’t feel the same way
[08:14:26] George: Neither do my teammates
[08:14:33] Salman Ghazan aka Cute guy: Yes my problem so i am here to solve it
[08:15:00] George: It’s quite subjective to say the least, I don’t get how would you solve it, you solve yourself with yourself
[08:15:17] George: Like, you tell yourself, it’s a war and I am gonna deal with it
[08:15:21] George: I will try to outsmart them
[08:16:24] George: That’s the whole point of a one ticker, it offers slow and tactical warfare
[08:16:42] George: Should it be a three ticker, I am sure it would be much different
[08:17:26] Salman Ghazan aka Cute guy: George tbh my team is shit … none of them is serious except 4 players … and with 4 players abd a few res ops this war is of no use … u can chase us all era but u bever gonna get us
[08:18:19] George: We’ve been through the same
[08:18:24] George: It’s about time
[08:18:48] George: It may take another week, hell maybe one day or twelve hours
[08:19:04] George: But somehow we’ll prove you wrong
[08:19:06] Salman Ghazan aka Cute guy: So my team agreed to end this war by making an agreement and be allies for the rest of the era … u guys can have all the relics and we finish 2nd
[08:19:07] George: Again
[08:19:12] George: That’s the whole point of a one ticker, it offers slow and tactical warfare
[08:19:29] George: Well, I think you contacted the wrong guy
[08:19:43] George: I am not leading but can sure forward this conversation to Jazz
[08:19:50] Salman Ghazan aka Cute guy: I contacted u becausr i know u
[08:20:01] George: Yea, long time
[08:20:10] Salman Ghazan aka Cute guy: Yep
[08:20:11] George: Adnan should play again sometimes
[08:20:21] George: Just not have his alliance members treat me and PLO like shit
[08:20:38] Salman Ghazan aka Cute guy: He aint comming for a long t
[08:20:47] George: Why would he
[08:20:52] George: He’s an engineer
[08:20:53] Salman Ghazan aka Cute guy: (rofl)
[08:20:59] George: He’s got better things to do
[08:21:09] Salman Ghazan aka Cute guy: Lol yea


To be fair we played the “appear weak when you are strong and strong when you are weak” card pretty well. They thought this would be an unfair 3 vs 1 against us, boy were they wrong. :smiling_imp:


Lol WOW wth its all this shitty talking i just read lol


Well all im ganna say it that yes Flux will win this era but tell me one era they have won that theres competition? Like there members say no competition! So far only about 4 players are the ones warring Flux so 4 agains 12 still no competitiin still they havent been able to kill us since tick 120 i think that war startded! Now its about tick 400 thats about a 300 ticks war in a 1 tick per hour world! So who its the true m1 gods? Flux that cant kill 4 players with there 12 fully loaded players in 300 tick? Or the 4 players who are giving flux an even figth agains 12?

And speeking about M1 Gods that title still belongs to SoL alliance with 8 consecutive wins! And witch were won by hard wars and there was great competition not like this eras Flux have won for free! So Flux thinks they are good? Keep going guys you guys still have 4 more eras to win before you guys can call yourselfs M1 gods and if you do congrats! Still they werent earned they were free! Still think you guus have a chance on breaking SoL 8 consecutive wins? Guess what theres still about 4+ more eras to add to the winning that where random! Still want more i won special event SOLO world in M1!

So thats about 12+ you guys still need to win to call yourselfs m1 Gods! SoL have only lose 2 times in M1 when senatus won when HoF was implemented so his the one that stop our consecutive wins! Then by DG alliance! Pick up your game Flux because now i will not let you guys get close to my record in M1