Mars 1 Era 59 | FLUX 5-peat?


And yet all I’ll hear is how having FFH as allies is the reason we are winning. They have taken 4 ops.

Also whatever team that is using our Flux name, not cool.


As Tick 200 draws near, BoS (who revealed as Flux) have made a push and have good momentum keeping them moving. Can RtD halt their advances? Can Flux be stopped? Only time will tell; with 1300 ticks left in the era, anything can happen.

Tick 185


I hope BEAR fight FLUX later on to make this era interesting :joy: :joy:


stahp you noob :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s true, make this era interesting @BEAR


As the era continues, it appears that BEAR have stabbed Flux, and are teaming with RtD to take them out! Flux were all but at RtD’s doorstep, but are now being pushed back at an amazing rate. Can they hold on, or will they be swallowed in the momentum of their adversaries pushes? Only time will tell.
Again, for clarity; Flux are blue, RtD are red, and BEAR are purple

Tick 246


Nice, looks like it’s going to be an interesting era here ^^

Thanks @The_Stranger for all the updates!


Its 2v1 rn still piss easy , come make it a challenge josh :frowning:


u givin a open rape invitation? :joy:


Am i the only ones hoping for the downfall of the #1 alliance noobs? Im only hoping and not participating because im the white knight of one of their members, so i cant just attack her, being a gentleman and all. tips fedora


I guess I got what I wanted :o


what was that exactly, hon?


A good era honey :~)


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


As the fighting rages on, things are looking grim for BEAR. Howard Hughes, a strong member of their alliance has fallen out, and seems to have sided with Flux in the recent turn of events.

The era is only 260 ticks in, will Flux win for the 5th time in a row, or will a new team cut their streak?

  • Flux
  • RtD
  • BEAR

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Will Patrick win this era? o.O


Next time on an all new episode of dragon ball z…


In a world where semi-literate players throw temper tantrums, one man, LAMBDA TIGER, pissed his pants and ran away to hide with RTD.

Seriously tho. I am going for you. My team is coming for you. You orchestrated this stab, and now I am going to eviscerate you in game, and humiliate you for years to come on this forum, skype, and I might even take out a newspaper add in your homeland. I have slept 12 hours over 8 days. I will Liam Neeson your ass. Better keep running, because I am coming


Whoa ,
Angry Jazz :imp:

Bring The PopCorn