Mars 1 8/2/2017 Era 60 Discussion


The problem most have is they think there is always a single way to play that’s best. Most commonly, everyone uses the “pro” build of 30% armor 70% range. But about 99% of you use it incorrectly as it was a perfectionist build. It was NEVER intended to take battles that lasted more than 1 round. Meaning you were supposed to outnumber your enemy 3 to 1 or only attack with nuke/spy advantage. Anything less and the “pro” build play style would dictate that you should not take the battle. Even if it resulted in beating the entire enemy army. However, players ended up simply adopting this as the meta build and ran with it. Honestly, a damage build of 40% armor and 60% damage units BEATS the “pro” build if evenly matched AND it’s exceptionally cheaper as well (meaning, you actually end up with a larger army for same resources).

This isn’t to say the “pro” build isn’t a good build. But it was a build that was made for a very specific purpose. Smart players will take advantage of people’s blind acceptance for the pro build. The only reason the “pro” build survives as the meta is because it still allows for lazy players to do decent damage. Damage builds are MUCH more effective, BUT if caught off guard and hit by spies or nukes, it could end up doing zero damage.

Point i’m trying to make here though. Play styles should be fluid based on the era. You shouldn’t rely on a single tactic or strategy. If the enemy spreads every member out to cover more ground, then you should place SMACK DAB in the middle of them and hit them HARD. If the enemy is podded up, you should choose 1 or 2 to hit that give you a good advantage for territory. If your enemy is grouped up together on 1 side of the map, then you should probably spread out and take more territory on another part of the map to gain more resources. If your enemy is prepping to fight you early, you should probably start building the best anti chassis build secretly to surprise them. If your enemy is stacking armies up in 1 spot, spread out. It most likely means they’re not as active.


how much do yall typically spend on tokens an era? im on m1 as headkon but i can tell tsb got this w in the bag. i wana wait until another 1 tick world opens then spend some decent money on the game. il take all of the advice i can get, btw anybody remember nelgems from years ago? he was #1 on a mars solo world years ago


i’ve gotten top 3 three times and i’ve never boosted reds…

ofc it never lasts long usually :stuck_out_tongue:


Nelgems is cancer. I dont even know how many times he was banned for cheating. That guy belongs in a hole somewhere.


jeez i thought Dane was an even-tempered guy…


i only played one era with him lol. i had no idea, sucks to hear that tbh


He is worse than Dane :smiley:


Uhhh :sweat_smile: I’m dead on m1 :sob:


Looks like my job here is done :smiley:


IM still alive…for some reason.


well, since none of the core FLUX family wants to address this, i felt i should talk about this… since i was a member of the FLUX team that won that era…

firstly, it is true that you were a strong opponent. and as you stated, you were hardly winning even though you were fighting hard. but thatz all the credit due to you… xD

we both know you played a very, very low blow gameplay to win a battle early on… from then on, it became clear to both sides that dirty play was on and possible… jazz causing an ally to backstab you was simply a race both sides were conducting to get that done… you better don’t try to deny it please… xD

for me battledawn is a game and i don’t resort to low blow tactics and backstabs to win it… i try to win a game on my strengths alone and use the game to sharpen my personal skills… but when it becomes clear to me that the opposing side is ok with it, i don’t mind playing the “game”… for me, what jazz did was the game you wanted… sad you wanted to complain about it now… :stuck_out_tongue:

also i want to let you know that you winning that round was just not going to happen. kael was on his full game to ensure that… so was i… so was jazz… xD

about the inactivity excuse… we had our share and a few noobs as well, who were responsible for our bad plays… so no points on that either…


Flux couldnt have won this war with there best players. That was blatantly obvious when Flux himself got drunk and launched on an army 3 times his size with no spy or nuke. Flux stopped leading. He even said that he wasnt good at leading wars. The entire skype group chat was 2-3 players working together in whatever way they thought was best and no one would try anything else. Im guilty of it. I refused to play the spam game. I was dead set on picking large fights and kills armies off. I had one other player who agreed with me. We had 3 players who were dead set on using counter spams to hod as much ground as possible no matter the losses, and 3 other players who wanted to spam territory to force TSB onto the defensive.

Anyone in the skype group chat should admit to this, but we werent working together. We werent active and we failed to do anything meaningful and no one was really in charge. With an mia leader and no one set to be in charge, it was a massive gaggle of headless chickens.

Another big issue was a huge argument over ethical game play. Some of us wanted to plant spammers and convince people to backstab TSB while others of us were so dead set against we threatened to quit the alliance. And I say “we” when really that was just me. The divisions in the alliance started before the war had even broke out.


Pre much

Down goes one.
down goes me.


Eeyy after reading all of this and catching myself back up, proper respects to you Seth for a good era. I don’t really have any bad feelings toward FLUX but feel they lacked the overall quality in this era in particular, regardless of anything that happened. I don’t feel like you were the reason FLUX lost, but purely that TSB was the reason FLUX lost. If that makes sense?

Also, props to G and Malice both dropping some real wisdom in this thread. More players need to realize it’s more about adaptation and clever play than big arrows and ‘meta’ builds.


Life goes on. Mistakes were made and lessons were learned.


do you think tsb is even having fun playing? lol


I don’t think it’s our fault that everyone else on the map is terrible…

We are having more fun than all the dead people, that’s for sure.


So what you’re trying to say is that not 1 player is bad but all of them? Is the sky blue?


Not on Mars it isn’t.