Mars 1 8/2/2017 Era 60 Discussion


Difficult to make mistakes when you are literally just flying op to op keeping an army occupied. You also don’t win wars though just flying and flying. Are you saying that your skills in this game would allow you to only fight one battle? Perhaps, your gameplay and strategy is why this was the case. Not splitting your army nor attacking ops does mean you can only have one battle if you decide to take. That is not how wars are fought though nor how they are won. Attacking and defending ops is not “spam” war. It is WAR. You don’t want to fight an entire army together, you want to try to pick off opponents squads piece by piece. To avoid this whole I could only kill one army and and that would of been it.

Chassis advantage does not decide a war. There are many ways to even out that disadvantage namely using principal tactics like agents and nukes. You don’t even give yourself a chance though to try to spy your opponent using your strategy.

The other 11 members would have had a better chance at doing something meaningful if their biggest army was fighting alongside them. Much tougher to die when you have more squads together in an area. Moral is also a big factor in a war. Dane, I understand Seth played in CME with you, but I can’t believe this was the strategy you played with. You admitted you disliked a player in similar style because all he did was move his whole army together.

Seth, I’ve seen you war in the past man, and this wasn’t your normal strategy was it?

You are right there is still along time left in this era. Using the chance now to attack your former team when they are down for the count doesn’t seem anymore meaningful than what you have done in the past.


Attacking my team that came after me? LOL, or did you not see the BRs from when George attacked me and conquered Jr?

I told my alliance how to fight this war and they refused. It was agreed apon by everything that I would keep Dane busy as long as I could. i did exactly what they told me to. Im sick of all of you blaming me for Flux losing because they were foolish in how they used there units. It was clear to me that my alliance had never fought against a bigger enemy. They had no idea what to do as the underdog. They threw units away and wasted away trying to trade units 1 for 1 against an enemy that had a larger income then we did.

And you wanna know something, dont bring Dane into this. You got stuff to say about me, say it to me. There is a very good reason Flux lost so badly. They were clueless on how to fight back.


[7:52:52 AM] George: I don’t have to use the forum to answer you, I have enough respect for myself to do it to your face
[7:52:56 AM] George: 1. You don’t know how to play
[7:53:13 AM] George: 2. You sir talk loud and proud, your playstyle proves otherwise
[7:53:32 AM] Seth: Says the dead once
[7:53:39 AM] George: We didn’t lose the war because of you, I don’t blame people or use that kind of reasoning in a narrow sense
But your lack of understanding surrounding proper usage of army was fatal
[7:53:57 AM] George: Doesn’t mean anything, it’s the most narrow minded statement I’ve ever read so far
[7:54:10 AM] Seth: Says the one who lost everything in a couple days
[7:54:14 AM] George: You just jump from outpost to outpost, you never took a singe outpost
[7:54:19 AM] Seth: You guys ignored al of my advice
[7:54:43 AM] George: Stop it Seth, I didn’t lose anything, I disbanded in fact, I could have spent the next few weeks doing exactly the very same thing and my opponents on worlds know this, I was defending and I actually intercepted 5 squads of SAILs, three squads of TSB in outpost to outpost battles, taking small fights.
[7:55:08 AM] George: I have been playing this game for a longer time than you, not just number of years spent on and off
[7:55:14 AM] George: I know exactly what I am doing
[7:55:21 AM] Seth: I started playing at launch
[7:55:33 AM] Seth: I won the 2nd era of mars 2 ever
[7:55:50 AM] Seth: No one has been playing longer then me. I know what I’m doing
[7:56:07 AM] George: Even criminals in court explain what motivated them to do the things they did
[7:56:13 AM] George: What matters is evidence
[7:56:21 AM] George: and the evidence is all against you
[7:56:26 AM] Seth: I know, and I don’t blame you
[7:56:31 AM] Seth: I don’t blame the alliance
[7:57:44 AM] George: No, actually, I do blame you, I told you that what you were doing is wrong, you’ve seen their cluster of outposts, added to the fact my missile were right there, you could have capitalised and stretched your squads, take outposts, create a front, fight an outpost to outpost fight and attempt to pick on their squads one by one
[7:57:53 AM] George: This is common knowledge
[7:58:16 AM] Seth: How well did that work out for the rest of you?
[7:58:24 AM] George: It did work for me
[7:58:30 AM] Seth: Lol, keep trying failed strategies
[7:58:35 AM] Seth: I won’t explain it to you
[7:58:40 AM] George: It’s not a failed strategy
[7:58:43 AM] George: It’s common sense
[7:58:55 AM] George: That’s how the game is played, I am not inventing anything or trying to sound smart
[7:59:54 AM] Seth: If you say so.
[7:59:59 AM] George: The vast majority of players in this alliance don’t know how to play, they’re just used to winning eras where the odds are in their favour and I understand that.
[8:00:11 AM] George: I say so, and I know what I am saying.
[8:00:25 AM] Seth: I’m sure you believe so
[8:03:23 AM] George: It can be interpreted any way you want
[8:03:42 AM] George: We lost because they had better players, and this suggests better approach, better usage of army and spams. The only players I deem worthy in our alliance are GreenBay who is an excellent strategist and knows how to make usage of long/short term approach, hence why I’d refer to him for what to do or where to go next, and Dame because he understands how to use his army properly, he conceived his own playstyle, just like I did.
[8:04:10 AM] George: Just that, we did amazing against slightly less experienced players
[8:04:45 AM] George: But when we were faced to opponents the same level or higher, we proved ineffective.


blah blah blah, if you lose you lose, if you win you win. Just come back next era and dominate.


Gaurav, what you said is music to the ear.


Hey G

Well I was just talking to a newbie in reference to him joining MAD or not. What I said about Seth didn’t have anything to do with this exact era, or the war we just fought. MAD was on m2 since the beginning, there have been a lot of eras, and we have known Seth since Steve Harley led my team. Yeah, this particular war could have been fought differently…I am just talking to one beginner player about his options moving forward to learn this game. Is MAD the best alliance in this game? No. Who cares? It can be a good place for new players to go and grow before they go off into other teams.

@George your team failed at giving Seth a front to move with. You should have reacted differently the tick you found out that I was shadowing him. In a straight 1v1, I beat his army. If he split his up into pieces, I could match him squad for squad and defend anything he attacked. I never let him get more than 2 ticks away from me. Could he have brought some spams down and bombed in front of his army? Sure…but in that area of the map, we had maybe 10 gates, and 4 colonies within 8 ticks, to counter spams and defend.

The real problem here was that Seth was alone against a larger army and nobody told him to leave and find another front, or send another player to go help him. I never saw 12 people on your line. And you took in Sizer just for score and he died in a few ticks with no ranged units. Where were you? Taking conquers? I never saw you move a squad in the first half of the war except when a conquer opened up somewhere. At the later stage you did some useless things in the center after it was already lost to you. Why did you not immediately move your army to supplement Seth? A good move here would be to keep Seth doing exactly what he was, then you move in with 2nd army and take OPs, forcing me to break up and defend, and then Seth is able to break up in kind, creating a winning front.

Seems there was no command structure or anyone making these decisions. You didn’t have smart tactics anywhere, not only talking about Seth’s army. You say you didn’t lose just because you disbanded your army? Foolishness. You lost. You lost everywhere. Your people got drunk and fell asleep and died, got lazy and didn’t log and died, all over the map. Nobody gave orders to make a clear front and attack. Nobody reacted to solve the Seth problem, just let that whole front stay red. This isnt a problem you have with just one player, this is a fundamental misunderstanding of BD war on almost every level. You never put anyone where they should have been, reacted to anything correctly, or organized your people in a meaningful way to give each of them tasks and monitor their progress and activity.

The best laid plan in war only lasts until the first move. After that, you adapt. I saw no adaptation from you or your team. Just death.


But Gaurav, big arrows are coooooool


yo greeny, do give some juicy updates… xD


I profoundly agree with everything you said Dane. I am glad to see how well you understand this game. The game is situational and depends massively on activity from all members of the team for plans to adapt and work well. I am not going to answer all of the arguments you raised to defend myself, I believe I am a good player and so are you. To put it simply, Seth couldn’t have received help because I had decided to move to the middle while another member whom you killed yesterday was assigned to back Seth up. Unfortunately, that member took longer than expected to make it where he was most needed for many reasons I won’t bother mentioning. In short, we had elaborated a decent counter measure strategy, but there was only much that we could do with only five committed players. Sadly, the rest didn’t bother or had to be called to move which made it difficult to send out plans to apply smoothly.

On a personal level, I played 11 eras this summer, four of which I succeeded in and six where I lost for similar situational reasons as this Mars. I don’t like to lead as I have real life concerns I won’t mention in public, but I am active and committed day and night to this game I genuinely like.

We lost because our team was inactive.

Congratulations on your win, well deserved.


Just as an update:


CME having a big war and I’m not there causing it :frowning:
Brb, lemme go grab simsy! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Coming from and old BoS player, i can attest to Seth and MAD being a solid and extremely trustworthy ally. Now seth is a long time player so maybe he got a little rusty this m1 from being away for so long :wink: but back in the day it was good to have him on ur side.


Seth actually had a stronger army for the majority of the war , he would have been able to hold you fairly easily when it comes to defence. The biggest issue was we would a few players not around to war properly and some were inexperienced.


You had an incomplete battle report. His army was never stronger than mine. My army was in 3 pieces and you didn’t have all of it, but I had all of his. We were always somewhere about equal in number of squads, but he lost every sim, due to me having a dmg mix and being almost completely explosive.


Fair enough Dane , lol


:confused: im not that nooby…


Remember that no one is good at this game, everyone is just a little or a lot better than you.

That’s the first step to becoming good.





He said you aren’t good, but aren’t bad. You are too bad.