Mars 1 8/2/2017 Era 60 Discussion


This alliance isn’t FLUX, maybe it had some of the members but it’s not FLUX.

I never played in FLUX, and wouldn’t want to after this era.


Yeah, I know it ain’t FLUX or anything related to it. It’s easy to say. But the fact is that, if ur alliance had won the era, they would call it as FLUX era and how unbeatable they are on M1. It’s logical.


I suppose you’re probably right.


I made a mistake accepting an invitation to this era. Not an alliance I would want to run with again.


why lol?



Because the majority of the alliance are players who use tactics and methods that go against everything I do. I had never played with most of them before and was too out of the loop to know anyones reputation.


srry to here it m8 :stuck_out_tongue:


Join my alliance, Ill show you a thing or two about the game.



but what about my nooby team ?


Lol, any of them active? bring them.


Good luck Chucky and Seth. Hope you guys can merge before you guys get killed off.


maybe seth joins JONY…


instead of vice versa

we can teach you in the ways of noobiness


No Chucky, Seth doesnt plan on joining anyones alliance. Seth is gonna do what Seth does. And Seth doesnt plan on giving up on having fun this era. Still alot of time to move about and have some fun.


Chucky, you can do worse than Seth as a mentor. MAD has always been a haven for good players willing to learn. Seth has some of the highest integrity of any player ive seen on BD in many years. He has never backstabbed an alliance. He has never used spams, or shared his account. He’s never switched teams. He’s reliable and honest, he knows how to fly his squads and he can teach you a lot about BD. It isn’t all about winning no matter what, its not about dropping all your friends down to spam for you when you feel youre gonna lose, or buy allies with tokens.


Yeah Seth sure does know how to fly his squads. Op to op to op…


lol, and who from GoT is still standing and didnt make any mistakes during the fight? Im sure GoT still stands by the spam war they tried to pull. Cause that totally works.

Lets be real here, I could’ve killed a single army from TSB and that would’ve been it. Between the fact that I was on my own most of the time and chassis advantage I would have had one good battle before I was out for the count. I made the decision to try and keep Dane’s army busy as long as I could and hope the other 11 members of my alliance did something meaningful other then die. And once they were all dead I wasn’t going to suicide into you guys for no reason when there is still atleast 1000 ticks left in the era.


i feel as if this is immense sarcasm


It isn’t. Seth is a CME member and MAD/CME have always been allies. If youre looking for somewhere to learn, you can do a lot worse.


i re-read it and it still seems sarcastic…