Mars 1 8/2/2017 Era 60 Discussion


oh hey

ye that’'s what you get with a bunch of rands lol


you should communicate more with us and keep me updated with our relations with got and everyone lol


Jon Snow (GoT Member)



The gangbang continues


bang bang gang gang

ski ski ski


Funny how this colony planted a couple hours before Sail and TSB attacked GoT…and it doesn’t exist anymore? Strange coincidence am I right? But whos judging.


look at that beatiful jony outpost :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah except i didn’t bring any spammers , wheres you planted at tick 1 to suck CME dick


but that JONY outpost tho…


CME is retired.

I’ve never played with over half of the people in this alliance before.

Just play better, thats all. And stop whining. Too many BCs this era…just fight.

Nobody in the TSB chat has even once discussed planting any spammers on this map. We just haven’t.

GG though.


Whining is mutual tbh , i don’t like the false claims your team puts out.
GG indeed


FWIW I agree, too many BCs on both sides.


But if nobody’s jimmy’s gets rustled, how am I to have fun?


^This right here. How am I supposed to enjoy an era without making Antrax rage?



I remember the era when I planted with Donovan (Mr O) to play M1, our team was pretty good, but inactive and we had put a good fight against Jazz and company. Even with half of our alliance attacking and pushing we were doing good. Far from win, losing in almost everything but getting kills.

Then, suddenly our ally stab us … yay, Jazz and company had paid some reds for 'em to stab.

Win dead eras and be called God is funny, right? 5 wins in a row? How many of that u guys had a real battle? 1-2?

Don’t come here complaining about spams etc, it’s all hypocrisy from you guys. It’s a game, you win, you kill, you die and you lose.

Thanks for fighting.


Ive watched just about all Flux wins, m1’s and the e1’s. Aside from the time me, psi, Bad, Riptor, and leboink was 5 v 10 yall practically. This is the only time FLUX has had a challenge and guess what, there losing. Like psi said, we were losing in map pressure, army size, conquers, mines, and income while half team inactive and we still winning the actual fighting aspects of it.

Picking off army here and there and then finally big fight where we take advantage, finally things turn full in our favor and then immediately ally backstabs us and i start getting these cute screenshots of Jazz offering them reds to do that very backstab.
Silly Silly!!!



Cause fighting my own alliance is cool I guess. Remind me to never play with George again.