Mars 1 8/2/2017 Era 60 Discussion


Turning out to right and good era. I was worried there wouldnt be any fighting.

Cheers boys and may the Mad god bless us all.


hopefully its not a dead era like the previous 15 m1s


Seth Vs Anthrax , that sounds like some good income for tactisoft :smiley:


Not much of a fight that.


hahahhahaha seth with the shadeeee


So they line up, one by one to take chance at the big chair. Well come take a swing if you think your hard enough!




oh look dane was playing

called it dab


Tick 169 update!

War broke out!



Relax, Chucky. you’ll get there. Some of us have been here for a decade. You are still new at this…I know you’re disappointed about M2 but I wasnt playing that game, just messing around with some people. If you really want to learn this game then you should think about getting a BD mentor if they still do that, instead of trying to start your own alliance right off the bat.


Dane they do still do that and if Chucky ever needs help with learning more about the game we’re always around.


If Chucky needs a mentor, Id be happy to help after this era if he wants it.




I would only say that you should not let your mentor influence which community within the BD community you end up playing with. learn and try to find where your little niche is in the community. Some of us are more respectable than others XD

EDIT: Not talking about anyone in particular, to clarify. Just in general


Aye thats true. If you do end up wanting to learn from me, I dont play like most people.


Very much glad to see @Dane @felgrand08 and @GenBrandonis .
Yea Josh, do grab simen and as Dane said some more alliances from ARF/ @BaBaBaBaBane official troll alliance MFIX and it will be like old times.


you play like a baller! Live and die by it :wink:


Tick 214 update.

If anyone has war pictures feel free to post them.


Got is getting swallowed up…


im headkoon chuck lol. you do lead a nooby alliance lol. i played like 7 years ago and bd has died down since