Mars 1 8/2/2017 Era 60 Discussion


Oh btw, for anyone who wants to plant late, plant in the middle island by me and join JONY!!!


update tick 39



oh yeee


Quick! Spread the word that Dane is back and peer pressure him!


update tick 53 -

Seems like a close race for rank 1 between GoT(Flux) and TSB.

and SAIL sitting far behide in 3rd.


breaking news…

TSB is now attacking me and my noob team JONY and i have been forced to relocate

this is so dishonorable smh


Wait GoT is rank 2
Interesting :smiling_imp:


You expected to play a war game and set up your colony in the center of the map and never get attacked?


We aren’t being dishonorable. You were in our way, so we removed the roadblock.


dane why so salty???


No salt. Just seems weird to me that you planted a colony in the middle of M1 and took 16 conquers and left your colony empty and then complained when some alliance attacked you.


Hey Dane I removed you off skype but nice to see you back


wait dane, are you the one who is attacking me?


No, I’m not attacking you.


what’s your ign

you seem biased against me…


I’m biased against you because you are complaining that you got attacked in a game that literally is about attacking people.

If you want to make a “noob alliance” that doesnt get killed, there are a couple things you can do. The first is, dont place directly in the middle of Mars. The second, dont take 16 conquers and leave your base empty.


yo greeny… it’s tick 86… please report latest news… puleez…


Nothing eventful. Seems GoT massed a couple hundred units West over below SFW but they havent done anything with the army in about 10 hours. They are still 2nd by about 55 power below TSB.


jesus christ i was joking

lay off dude


Update on ground tick 91.