Mars 1 8/2/2017 Era 60 Discussion


are you Dane Checkin in m2?


The very same, why do you ask


hey it’s me, i was ign VoLoX i believe XD


this m1 im leading the MIGHTY JONY!

it is currently at three members

the second joined because i threatened to kill him!


Sounds like a successful recruiting tactic.

Lemme know how that works out


not too well tbh :frowning:
are you in m1?

i assume you are…


trying to recruit…

for some reason i can’t invite!

ugh so frustrating


GoT isnt Flux. GoT is me.


i ask you to pls spare the JONY alliance





Guessing game for you


it’s 100% definitely monster

it’s painfully obvious


because “greeny” has no conqs
"monster" has two or so

and you are online rn cuz ur on the forum


So many scrubs in this world


Liessssss you just see all liessss


Somehow this turned into a throwback world. all we’re missing is some troll alliance from ARF and it’ll be good ol’ days.


or just some 3rd boosting allinace who won’t message people back.


or some JONY alliance that is just TOO damn good


Why are all these old guys playing again lol


Cause these old guys wanna teach the young whipper snappers how its done.


why is this new upstart GENIUS alliance playing?

cuz we the best

seth here stands little chance

(pls don’t hurt me)