Mars 1 8/2/2017 Era 60 Discussion


Update 08/30


I think 3ER got this in the bag if you ask me.


They’re gonna flip M1E60 on its head at the last minute.


It is weird how desolate this game has become. That map shouldn’t be possible. M1 is a dead server =\


Most eras are like this one , very few are challenging with a solid team


Oh no it’s very much alive, it’s just TSB pretty much has a monopoly on the map. Nobody is strong enough to take them down at this point. The era is almost over anyway.


Yeah you really have no idea what you’re talking about.

If the era wasn’t dead, no alliance could take the whole map by tick 350.

Its dead.


Dead era indeed. Era was decided by tick 200 if not long before that.


Tbh these days if u want to play competitive eras then join the ones which are giving 7K blues as reward, others are just meh.


When I can sit and do literally nothing all era and potentially still take 3rd in alliance ranks… its dead as a doornail. You just haven’t played when the game actually had 1000s of real players.


We won F2 at tick 1 thats how much BD is dead :unamused:


I have played back then. This game is long overdue for an update. Servers can be easily taken over by a single alliance and no one can really do anything about it and the remainder of the era is just people sitting around. They need to implement some sort of ranking system.


The new update that’s coming very soon will make things a little more balanced I suppose, but rn the issue is some worlds are dead while others have some good competition.

A BIG way to help is to integrate newer players who want to be active and play to your teams, since BD is actually growing slightly rn, but worlds aren’t being won by a ton of different people.


think i warged into you, malice… for you to say that… xD