Mars 1 28/12/2017 Era 63 Rank 1 alliance getting bullied by rank 2&3?


I still to this moment find it hard to believe an alliance with a sub will end 2nd to some rands,maybe thats what FLUX is after all. So yes i will keep doing that.


What sub? We placed and picked up randoms, not even our primary era.


Isn’t that what all circlejerkers say? “oh we’re not serious here we’re just helping X guy” after they’ve lost somewhere they quit because they’re going to try on another world, if they do win on that one they brag like they did shit even though usually the eras people that place in 5 worlds win are free. I am a warrior and a leader that places my team in one and only one world. I would never place a team during winter/summer vacation, if this team was placed by me with the intentions of winning you guys wouldnt have breathed since tick 1

The map 7 ticks after the backstab, hasn’t changed much. 3 teams arent enough are they?


Jesus, calm down. almost all of the map are barely playing and you know it, stop trying to make it seem like you’re solo-ing the entire world


To all who are wondering rank one alliance is Meho along with Eddie Mora and black panther.(Ps i am salty as they kicked out and branded me a spy)


Ew what an awful group



There are someother good players whoes name i dont want to say but yeah


Good players? They Still haven’t killed a single squad of mine.

(I got their 200 vehs nuked too)

Sure you’ll be finally making some territory progress but that’s because you’re literally 4 alliances against one. So yeah @Alfie I am technically soloing the world.
Rank 1 team, deserves to win because killed the only other winning team

Rank 2 team(FLUX), sucking up to rank 1 because they’re 100 power less and afraid

Rank 4 team are some incompetent noobs who are made up of rejects(like Military Madness), replaced members of top teams and a few 4E

Rank 5 team are FLUX’s sub, Jazz is spineless and let us kill them before the war even began.They were full team since tick 1, some of them left when they died, some were fed reds by ST(Another dog who they put in 2nd/3rd alliance just cuz he’s rich) to regroup and revenge

My problem isn’t you serviles being a lot in numbers, I’ve killed half the people in your alliances countless times. The only thing difference this time is you haven’t exactly been warring a winning team


What Capo means to say is that he enjoys the challenge and will slap you all down in turn. I’m not even willing to bet on it because I think we all know its going ot happen :wink:


Sure. I log like 5 times a day. If you guys want to have delusions that you’re actually in such a tight spot as you claim you are, go for it.


see, I can tell you aren’t as active because you actually log out LOL



I’m not asking you to log in less, I’m asking you to bring your best 9 and fight mine :wink:


LMAO ur best 9 lost to one man. Good luck


Damn, doesn’t look like this guy is into circlejerking, he does it with nothing in return


More and more BRs to come tomorrow, they’re closing in. I think SneK will win this era. Hard are really bad


500 Inf of 4 different people nuked and ran away, 500 inf of rank 1 guy spied and killed

@Jazz where are your BRs? or did I already post em

@Elcent you asked for this

Aaaaaand Jazz’s team full of rejects (now FLUX) finally backstabbed the team that was willingly settling for 2nd, just as expected after our alliance (who they declined a 1v1 with) completely died. Good choices of diplomacy CLRS leader!


@capo LOL you tell about your kill count huh? Bullshit you will always remain a noob and i hope im coming in your nightmares :smiley:


■■■■ Bitches Get Money

Always been the motto, Virgins


Hahaha talk to me when you play an era where you’re the ones who carry


Mmm, weird era where no one was really that dedicated. We won by lazily stabbing our way to rank 1, but oh well. As you said, some people just make awful decisions and we weren’t gonna sit by and let those noobs win. You guys did awesome for a long time, just got overwhelmed and demotivated and lost interest in the end I guess. I would’ve posted all my brs but I forgot :pensive:

I think I’m done with one tickers again for another year or something now lol