Mars 1 28/12/2017 Era 63 Rank 1 alliance getting bullied by rank 2&3?

New world, weird planting stratergy for most teams… lets see who wins!

Tick 3

Any teams wish to give any early war info?

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Yes. One of the teams is mine and that will be the winning team


I planted yesterday to watch. I made an alliance by the tag of llll and went afk for a while only to get back and see my alliance filled with players, to my biggest surprise. What’s more is that I was shocked to see how well the members were placed. I went on and messaged the members asking for their skype.
Morale of the story, I think I’ve contributed on making the era slightly more competitive by only creating an alliance.
Leadership was ultimately transferred to one of the alliance members since my brief holidays are coming to an end.

Perhaps, I should try that more often. :smiley:

Good luck!


You gave leadership to azrail?


The members voted some Azrail for leader, yes.
The era looks quiet. Perhaps, more people will plant soon!

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Wow, the Mars area looks cool

ofc 4E incoming :smiley:

Tick 25.

Events in the last day:

  • A Player from IIII has been banned for what looks like using multiple accounts.
  • SOFT seems to be in trouble and taking fire from CLRS and IIII.
  • Tick 1 bonus dropped this tick.

None of the top 5 said they were interested in early wars but I wouldn’t be suprised if there is a mass attack on IIII as they are so spread out.

###What happened to W??? tick 49

I think @mann2001 may have been in W and stabbed his own alliance?

PepeHands to W

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Since the last update it seems rank 1 team has lost a lot of ground but still have a massive power lead due to early conquers.

Any great BRs yet this era? @hariscapo @George

who all is what team?

I had just randomly place on M1 and joined the alliance “W” randomly itself.
But later after few ticks I realised that the alliance was TOTALLY inactive and thus I left it and took grabbed colonies and mines around me :slight_smile:

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Capos alliance is losing??

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that’s unpopossible tho

Dont know which one is Capo’s alliance but the alliance George made IIII which turned into R1B is surely losing
Their is SneK and SOFT which may be Capo’s alliance.
No one knows :slight_smile:

Leading a currently rank 3 sit watch and then decide to play kind of era. Top 2 teams randomly attacked even though we’re “friendly”. No BRs until a few more ticks, but we’ll kill all these fuckers easy

(We’re SOFT, FLUX is SneK+BTO, and some rands in HARD)

So rank 1 and 2 attacked rank 3. Perhaps they fear rank 3 or both teams want to expand.

I dont know man my name is pretty overused in the broadcasts right now XD

Maybe people feel they can’t trust you Capo. You seemed to be insinuating that we are untrustworthy with regards to our alliance with Colors. But, unfortunately, our alliance is cooperative and strong. Good luck. -Jazz