Marking Players/ Teams with more Custom colors and flexibility


Ever wanted to mark a player or an alliance a specific color and not be limited by just one option?

The current system lets you

I don’t like how we are limited to such options.
I don’t like how i can only mark only 1 player with 1 color.
i don’t like how i can only mark only 1 team with 1 color.

What i suggest is more customization. More options which are more flexible.

How the current system to mark players is

How i want it to be

colors used ,

My idea ends here , Give additional colors and increase the max number of players/ teams we can mark.

However , @Gaurav Suggested another layer of customization.
To be able to change the standard color for your Base, Ops, Mines, Relics or your team color
And also to be able to mark the same color to more than 1 person. ( to not limit any color to any colony/ team)
Ofc the standard colors will be set to the current colors being used as default so people don’t get confused. But players could be provided some options to tweek how they see players ( in what colors)


If the community gives the below poll a positive response, @Alexander can implement it using proper colors or maybe even a poll to decide

  • Number of colors

  • Limitations

  • What colors

  • Yes, Implement the system.
  • No, I like the previous idea of sticking to 2 boring colors.
  • Implement only a part of it. ( What part do you suggest? )
  • I have a better idea. ( Enlighten us )

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I have a better idea, how about you get good


better than you in every way so … :man_shrugging:


Then why so you need more colors?


Rekt. U got torn up by the ol’ “then why do u need more colors” comeback. I wouldnt wanna be in your shoes rn, E.


my colour …

pink 1


i just want my screen to look beautiful


Good suggestion. Obvious yes from me