Mark incoming as covered


Here’s something we really need. Have you ever been in a war where you have 3+ pages of incoming? And not just 3 pages, but also rather concentrated in a small area?

In that case, you’ll probably see the reasoning for this suggestion :smiley: I can’t stand having so much incoming and not being sure which is covered and which isn’t, especially when you are in an alliance and there is not just 1 person covering but about 5 of them.

So what I propose is pretty simple, just a way to mark incoming as covered. Click on it, click covered, and it turns into yellow or something like that.

Opinions please!

  • Good idea!
  • Not so good idea!

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I like this idea, it would have been very useful in previous eras when you cover 99% of the spam but miss one hidden by a squad and you missed it on the radar screen.


That is a great idea, also less pain for everyone’s eyes.


That’s a pain in the ass when you miss a squad then it takes a vital outpost/gate/radar or whatever :expressionless:


You can throw down markers on OPs that youre covering thats what I do when needed, just make sure everyone refreshes and goes 1 after another


omg, yes please. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent in huge wars double checking what OPs are covered out of the 100’s of incoming :sob:


Id like to also maybe add changing the colour of incoming towards ur own ops and units. It’s currently a different shade of red but i think a diff colour like light green is clearer.


Someone’s working on their admin position. :slight_smile:


I love this so much, Although prehaps it would be easier implemented with a completeley new UI :wink: (Hint, Hint @Alexander) :stuck_out_tongue:


Although this may be true that the vast majority of players cannot stand having so much incoming and not be sure which is covered and which is not including myself, I have to disagree with the suggestion for the following reasons.

In the first place, any squad that has a relatively small amount of units, for example one armor infantry or one tank, otherwise known as ‘spams’ or ‘scouts’ can be extremely useful with respect to me. I know from experience that when I am busy fighting in a war, the major advantage of sending out spams is that my opponents either have to send full squads or hurry ‘anti spams’ to defend, wasting resources, power, score and precious units that could otherwise be winning the war for them, as a result.
As matter of fact, not only can spams have an impact resource-wise but can also annoy my opponents to the point I can make them submit, consequently taking away every bit of confidence and concentration they may have built by employing this underrated yet cunning strategy which very often lead to their demise. To demonstrate, when I am under winning circumstances, I build a training base close to the front-line and train infantry armor spams I would later move and deploy on every hostile outpost my sight could cover. My members would do the same and this maneuver would be performed consistently so that my team would launch a decisive offensive with my opponents defending spams instead of focus on intercepting the real threat, in this particular case, armies about to take every bit of land heading straight towards colonies, thus having my opponents fall back and contained in a single, vulnerable position.
Surprisingly, I believe it would be noteworthy to mention that the spams my teammates and I would send do not really have to reach their target and die in the process. Their objective is to add even more pressure by the sole reason that they are sent and can be shown on my enemy’s control panel.

Ultimately, spams are one of my best deadliest weapons and it would take away their effective side resource-wise and psychologically if my opponents had the ability to be sure they have them all covered.

-George (Wounds of Sadness)


Eh, I can see where you’re coming from, but i guess from a high level gameplay point of view, most will have already prepared anti spams. This would’t stop the need to do incoming scans to see if it was spams or full squads coming. It’s purely just so you aren’t tripping over your own feet trying to figure out if that 59th incoming squad if covered or not out of the 100 incoming on separate OPs. It’s extremely time consuming and in some sense, yes, during war, you kinda hope to get your enemy flustered this way. But it’s purely a “did I cover that one? Everything is so close” issue. The scans are already done (most likely). It’s purely for organization in this sense. I have been in wars when 100+ different OPs are being attacked simultaneously. At the moment, we literally have to list out EVERY OP in a chatroom and ASK if it’s covered.
“Malicewolf OP 245 - Covered by Malice
Malicewolf OP 356 - Covered by Fluff
Fluffeh OP 145 - Covered by George”

Now do that for another 97+. It’s simply a time waster when it’d be easier to just look at incoming and see that its covered.


I don’t think it will take away from the threat psychologically because the spams are still there and flooding your incoming section, it’s simply taking away the annoying confusion factor which wouldn’t really affect the war. However, if you’re trying to hide a large attack between the spams on their radar then maybe yes but again I don’t think that strategy affects the war that much either because I am sure they would be looking at the battlefield anyways and will spot the large attack as it will stand out. It’s just a gift for organization and making the game more comfortable for the players.


You made good points and since BattleDawn has been up for updates with regards to the game play lately I believe it would be worth a try as it doesn’t affect gameplay. As you stated, it only makes it more comfortable for players by reducing confusions. I voted yes.


Just took a look at this in game.

The issue here is that we don’t actually save “Incoming” to the database – its all locally on the client (calculated based on what you see).

Without doing a lot of work (far too much for a feature like this) we would have to add additional data to every single squad – which would amount to quite a lot I fear.

Sorry :frowning:


Why was this not thought of before? It should be a simple coding change and will help a LOT! :open_mouth:


As I just mentioned… it would unfortunately not be.

Either everyones refreshing gets a lot slower.

Or the entire squad system, incoming system would need to be reprogrammed…

Simply put, the incoming list is just a compilation of what you already see in game – its not currently a separate system, it’s just a different display.

Additionally all the squads grouping together and so on are just a graphic and not an actual entity on the server side.

So yeah, non trivial. Doing it ugly would slow down everyones connection, doing it pretty would simply take too much time.

There’s too many other things to work on currently, it’s worth mentioning Battle Dawn is pretty much a completed (albeit imperfect) game.

There are a lot of opportunities for small improvements and time savers like this, and we could probably spend a few years pursuiting them all, but in the end there are also entire groups quitting because of various reason or not joining to begin with because of others.

I’d rather spend the time on smaller also convenient features and larger features with a bit more impact. :slight_smile:

Closing this for now, I’ll reopen it if something changes.